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  1. Yes, forgot to say that lol
  2. To use it in already built scenarios, simply click the gear icon on the top bar, and "object selection."
  3. RedScope53

    Group Park 8

    Park looks good so far. Keep it up guys
  4. RedScope53

    Group Park 8

    Mmmmm sexy blue gladd... yeah I love gladd..
  5. RedScope53

    Group Park 8

    And its only me anyways lol I'm heading to a party today so I would't be able to anyways lol
  6. RedScope53

    Group Park 8

    No time this week, study, tests and work, @Deurklink
  7. RedScope53


    Little update: Been working on the park a little. Large gap between posts, but I get burned out on RCT2 very quickly lol Been working on the parks first coaster. The rating isn't horrible either. Its a jungle/dino themed ride, which I'm probably going to make the surrounding areas the same. I'm not sure how I feel about the yellow walls around the little pond (or the pond itself tbh,) so I might come back and redo that area.
  8. RedScope53

    Group Park 8

    Yeah, we should do a poll (really just say yay or nay since theres like 5 of us lol) if we're going to do themed areas, or a theme for the whole park. That being said, we could add a non-themed entrance elsewhere, and leave that area to be the Asian themed zone if we decide to do themed areas opposed to a themed park. However, I'm not going to cut down on my use of EP items because some people won't buy them for $5 after they've been out for 14 years, for whatever reason they have for not buying them... If we decide to not use EP/CS, then so be it, but again, I'm not gonna cut down as lo
  9. RedScope53

    Group Park 8

    Np I like doing decorating, as I suck at making coasters (which I've stated is why I like doing the transportation/gokarts) so it was fun to do. Any changes you want to make, of course, feel free!
  10. RedScope53

    Group Park 8

    So I started the Asian theming. I think Asian and Space work well together, since Japan/China are both very techy/future-esk, at least in my opinion. I've given the entrance a large makeover, but kept giraty's original design. I also changed the path to something a tad more fitting for an Asian park (you can revert it if you don't like it, of course.) I've added a new ride, expanded the paths out, and made a chair lift on the hill that I left unfinished, we can either keep it, or toss it, either is fine by me.) New entrance design. Closer up on the main entry.
  11. RedScope53

    Group Park 8

    Mine/Wild West work well together, obviously. I think Steampunk is very limited in terms of diversity, especially since its NCSO. Medieval is over done imo (and I'm literally a medieval history major and do everything medieval lol) Asian themed maybe? We don't seem to do too much with it, except in GP5. I'm also down for water/pirate theme. 1:1 scale Seaworld model, anyone?
  12. RedScope53

    Group Park 8

    That looks really good! Claimed!
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