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Ageing rides.


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Hello everyone,(Second time writing this, first time something went wrong while creating the topic, so if it shows up two times, I'm sorry in advance.)In RollerCoaster and Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 there was a "problem" where rides that past a certain age would lose popularity and guest where unwilling to pay the original price for a ride. Also there would be serious problems with break-downs of rides, resulting in entire parks, thus hours work being thrown away. The original game would make older rides break-down so much, they weren't profitable any longer. An example where this problem occurs is the 7700 guest park, where a trainer is needed to keep the park running. This has to do with the way RCT2 calculates the park rating, but also with older rides breaking down too much and older rides that lost popularity.There are a few reasons why I think this isn't really realistic. One being that in the real world, there are several theme parks where rides are more than 30 years old, and still profitable or popular. Ponypark Slagharen for example has a rollercoaster built in 1979 still running till this day and being the most popular ride in the park. So my idea is:- The loss of popularity and unwillingness of guest to pay a fair price for a ride should be severely nerved compared to the original Rollercoaster Tycoon (2) game (or there should be an option to do so). - The amount of break-downs of a ride past a certain age should be severely nerved (or there should be an option to do so).I think these ideas would be a great addition, "fixing" problems the original game had.Greeting,Wil1131

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I Agree, but this will have to be implemented later - right now they are mostly focusing on decompiling the game to a playable state. For now though, you can press CTRL+C and in one of the tabs there is a button that resets the age of all the rides in your park :)

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The idea is to try and get you to replace your rides, but nobody wants to pull apart a rollercoaster just to rebuild it EXACTLY the way it is. If it was easier as just clicking a button to "refurbish" the ride, as in, just pay some maintenence, have the ride stopped and in a few weeks, months depending on length it's back up with full reliability.It's sadly not as easy as Transport Tycoon, where you just send trains to the depot and have them replaced with just a simple mouseclick.

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Did anyone ever play Holiday Island? That game had the same system with hotels and island attractions, but you could set up an "Auto-Renovate" timer in the financial overview. It would automatically refurbish all of your buildings every year or so, while taking the appropriate amount of cash. If you didn't have the money, it would try again one year later, but then it would of course be more expensive to renovate the rundown hotels and bars.RCT could really use something like that, because if your park is just large enough, you end up spending most of your time just replacing things.

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Now i think of it, that's not a bad idea. it would probably work on some kind of multiplier like year 2=1.1x normal price, then year 3=1.2x normal and so on.Auto-renew can also be deactivated in the maintenance tab maybe?(If the above isn't understood, ride price+.years built. Ride price=how much it costs to build from the ride menu if track is save)

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A simple renew button which calculates the difference between sell and buy value would work. The sell value of rides already decreases over time (try to rebuild a part of an old coaster and see). Reset sell value, reliability, age and popularity and you're done. You usually don't have that many rides that automatic renovating is needed, but it could be helpful too.

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Well, the ride you mention from Ponypark Slagharen almost wasn't allowed to open this year because it didn't meet the safety specifications :PPerhaps a neat idea would be the idea of renovating attractions, so that they won't break down that much, but that shouldn't completely restore everything.But to get to your point, in many parks the oldest rides are often the most popular (Revolution in Bobbejaanland, Python in Efteling).

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