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  1. This happens in every park, on every map I tried out so far. Apparently it doesnt affect the cocoa shops, but it definitely happens with the lemonade stand and the drink shopView imageAlso I'm using the latest experimental development build, though I don't know the exact version number.
  2. Lately, all of my guests are complaining about thirst.I think this might be one of the reasons:View imageEven though there is no rain to be seen anywhere.They also complain about drink shops looking "Too intense" for them, but maybe they're just not tough enough to handle carbonated soda.
  3. You can always "Draw" crazy rollercoasters and parks that shatter the minds of any who dare to enter.
  4. And I thought I was crazy with using space efficiently.For bonus points you should try building some coasters underground, right beneath the existing ones xD
  5. Soon™ - Brought to you by Valve Time
  6. RCT1/2 rides will probably just fly off the tracks in RCTW, though. I still can't believe that they implemented this white/yellow/red stuff to make it impossible to build rides that are 'too' intense. In the video the coaster didn't even go that fast.Especially when it comes to building rollercoasters, which are all about G-forces and symmetrical precision engineering, I can't see how a freeform drag&drop tool is supposed to work in the long run.Building a looping isn't just about forming a circle, it has to be this drop-like shape (forgot what it was called), to make sure that the G-forces ar
  7. RCT 3 is horrendous, though. After openRCT drew me back into the RCT business, I tried RCT 3 again, but if you're not playing that on flat land, it's really annoying with the building placement and especially underground construction.If your land isn't absolutely, perfectly flat, the buildings just won't connect to the pathways, and the interface is really clunky and spread too thin. If you're using an isometric view, it's almost impossible to get everything right in 3 dimensions. The window-based interface of the old titles is also so much better.Given that RCTworld is all about drag&drop, I
  8. Oh god, all the corporate crap. They're like politicians, avoiding every question that could lead to a negative response and weaseling around every uncomfortable topic. I know this is a development build, but I don't like the fact that they put the benches etc. NEXT to the actual pathways. In the entire video I haven't seen anyone using a bench or picnic table, and it looks like it's intended behavior to just have those things as useless props. Also, if there's no underground construction, that takes away a huge chunk of how you're able to build your rides, let alone taking out a really big an
  9. How about a feature that would work like the "fix vandalism" cheat, but instead costs you money for every fixed bench and trash bin? Maybe add a little tab in the financial overview or the park summary, so you can toggle weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly renovation for scenery objects. I mean I'm not much of a decoration enthusiast, so I usually only build a few secluded plazas for eating and drinking that contain all the benches and trashcans while being guarded by a security guy, but it would still be cool if we could actually scatter scenery objects all over the parks without having to manua
  10. So in my park I get a pileup of tired, hungry, thirsty, broke people who don't have any more cash and use their map to target the next cash machine. The problem is, that they immediately cancel their journey upon having an "I'm hungry" or "I'm thirsty" thought, etc. Now I basically have a load of zombies shambling back and forth aimlessly in an endless circle of misery, just being a few metres away from the next cash machine but being too hungry to operate it. It's the embodiment of limbo.If you make it so that all the guests leave upon spending all their money, then cash machines will probabl
  11. Srsly I can't edit or delete my posts? Ack I messed up big time x_xDon't judge me, my dropbox is pretty lazy and unreliable when it comes to sharing links.Anyway, here it is. View imageWith this thing I'm able to piss off people hard enough to make them leave. I made sure that the exit pathway leads right to the park entrance, too. It's really polarizing, some people keep their maxed out happiness and might even want to ride again, while others immediately drop to zero after leaving the ride. Poetic.
  12. So I have an ugly park with people that never want to leave, and the usual rides are just not going to cut it for someone who spends 5 years in a single park while riding on at least 200 attractions in rapid succession.It was time to spend some of my piled up cash to blow everyone away. The stupidest and sickest of all attractions.It is the longest, most uncreative and most expensive ride I ever made, it is the circle of life, the icon of greed and tedium. Behold: THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE[jpg]http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/432697860700351487/1257301341C3C83C5F7F85638CCD6D4FFE7A76
  13. Weeell, as I said, I already played it in MP, but it just keeps desyncing, so there's no point in doing it yet.
  14. Huh? I played the MP with someone else yesterday. Didn't even use the launcher back then. The only way we could connect was via Tunngle (despite forwarding all ports etc.), but it kept going out of sync after a few seconds or whenever I tried to place a rollercoaster station.Is there a way of using the launcher to connect to others?
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