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  1. The options you have are to either ignore the warning in your antivirus software or get a decent antivirus software (I'm not quite a fan of AVG).The launcher is safe (you can find the source code for it on Github).My antivirus of choice is Kaspersky (though it's not free).
  2. Well, it's now the THIRD studio that has been working on this game... but I really have good hopes for it. The progress they've made since the trailer... basicly scrapping everything.So, for me, it looks good. If it sucks, I'll stick with Parkitect/OpenRCT2. But right now, I really believe that it's going to be a quite good game. You should also read the development blogs on the site, they're quite fun.
  3. I've just checked it on my own game, and I don't seem to have the problem there. Are you running the latest stable version or the developers version?Check other saves of you game, do those have the issue too?
  4. Gymnasiast is right... it is illegal to redistribute those without permission... so the store actually will probably only ever get "user-content", not official content.
  5. kevjoe

    Ageing rides.

    Well, the ride you mention from Ponypark Slagharen almost wasn't allowed to open this year because it didn't meet the safety specifications :PPerhaps a neat idea would be the idea of renovating attractions, so that they won't break down that much, but that shouldn't completely restore everything.But to get to your point, in many parks the oldest rides are often the most popular (Revolution in Bobbejaanland, Python in Efteling).
  6. Gotta love Pink Fluffy Unicorns! Too bad I don't listen to the radio, or I might just have heard it (Belgians! <3)
  7. Just to clarify, in order to embed a YouTube video, you only need the video ID. How can you get that?Simply copy the link of a YouTube video, for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRC4Vk6kisY. Everything behind watch?v= is the ID. In this case, that's qRC4Vk6kisY.Simply put this between the [yt| tags. After this, you'll get this result:[yt]qRC4Vk6kisY[/yt]Yes, they are very fluffy.
  8. Awesome! Thanks Rune!
  9. Don't forget to add a link in the header too :)
  10. I've tried, but there doesn't seem to be one... I'm asking Rune :3
  11. Very cool with all those images runelaenen! Could you get in touch with me? I'd like to help with several things, if possible!Kevin
  12. Wil1131, I completely agree with you! I've added your remarks to the GitHub issue above.
  13. If you want any help, just let me know. I know a fair bit of PHP.
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