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Group Park 4


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I'm not really in favor of one person designing the entire general terrain (most of us don't like editing terrain later on and I'd like to see the entire group park community to have their influence on it). I proposed something that might fix that, but it seems others didn't particularly like that either.

Basically we need a good idea to get the terrain setup going (and don't expect me to do anything the next 10 days).

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If it's free for tommorow I'd like to work on it.  Going to add as much input in as possible while retaining the sketch as it was quite what the group parks need. Also, need to find a way to get the space theming in the park, as it's with the Roman theme the only major vanilla theme not to feature in the parks yet. (With major I mean the ones that have a premade station)

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Unnamed park 2016-08-11 18-50-53.pngI made a river and the waterfalls, and I also roughened up the mountains that Broxzier made.

Anyone can feel free to change the course of the river, or add a split in it, etc. this doesn't have to be its final course. If anyone wants to mess with the mountains, I urge you to be extremely careful around the waterfall. I messed it up at one point and it took me a while to restore it.

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1 minute ago, ImABoss said:

Can someone help me find the save in game?


Just move the save file to the Saves folder in the OpenRCT folder.


2 hours ago, YoloSweggLord said:

Oh shit you're right! lol.

Here's the save, also I don't know the naming format yet. Could someone explain that to me?

The OpenRCT group park IDKthenamingformat.sc6

It's the number of the park plus the version number.  So, since this is the first version of park 4, it would be 4.01.  The next save file would be 4.02, and so on.

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EDIT: I am not going to start this, the river starts on a way to high level to let other rivers join it, causing it to grow bigger and end in a huge delta. It looks awesome and all, but I can't do anything to how it is now as I don't want to ruin the work of someone else. I really don't know what we are going for either so I don't want to start complete new areas either. Unclaimed

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