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  1. I put the download in the title sequences folder but I don't see it?
  2. ImABoss

    Group Park 4

    Omg I totally forgot about this
  3. ImABoss

    Group Park 4

    Sorry, I had plans later that came up unexpectedly.
  4. ImABoss

    Group Park 4

    Why was I in the queue? I was in the missed turn list to begin with.
  5. ImABoss

    Group Park 4

    Can I claim the park after @_SpacE__?
  6. ImABoss

    Group Park 4

    I have a problem. I'm not able to add the save to landscapes.
  7. ImABoss

    Group Park 4

    I'm just gonna unclaim because I can't make anything good. Claimed: - Queue: Broxzier, SensualEthiopianPoliceBrigade, RedScope53, _SpacE_, YoloSweggLord, Jens12, WobbilyRails, TCE, Etricsanon, Philmon11, BlazingEmpireHD, Wuis ImABoss Missed: Cascadia, Centric, Dan
  8. I loved the WestWood park. Shame he stopped
  9. ImABoss

    Group Park 4

    I haven't really worked on it... At all
  10. Same thing happens to me too. Whenever I'm hosting and someone doesn't join for a while, I check the server list (on a different window) and it's not there. It says "Ready for clients" But no one joins.
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