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RCT1 paths


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Hey there, I'm new here ;)

I was a big fan of the series and recently discovered this great mod :) After playing for about a week now I remembered what I missed in RCT2 from RCT1:

The pathing options in RCT1 were better imo. You could freely select the support/railing type and combine it with any type of queue line/pathway. And I think I remember there being more pathway options as well, tiled pathways...

I'm using the basic OpenRCT with RCT1 and 2 with all expansions installed... Is there any way to reenable the RCT1 path building system or if not, at least the tiled pathways?

Thank you so much in advance


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Welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately the RCT1 path building system is missing from OpenRCT2, like it was in the original RCT2 game. I believe implementing such a system would require a new save format, which is the single thing that imposes most of the limits in the game.

A few websites such as nedesigns.com have a variety of custom objects people have created, so someone has probably recreated the rct1 tiled paths there. Just download the files and put them in the openrct2/object folder, and they should show up in the scenario editor menu. If you enable debugging tools in the options, you can get them in an existing scenario by selecting the gears tab at the top, then choosing the "show object selection" option. This will bring up the same menu that appears in the scenario editor, where you can select and use the paths. Hope this helps.

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I'd like the option to have a checklist to switch between RTC1 and RTC2 play style on large list of things things, as well as the ability to load RTC1 assets, hence making the game engine able to play RTC1 or RTC2, and even load assets from each other.  (RTC1 levels will be loaded with RTC1 ruleset by default and RTC2 levels with RTC2 ruleset, but you should be able to override it if you wish.)

Additionally adding some other ruleset options, and tweakables would be nice.

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If you point OpenRCT2 to your RCT1 directory, it will already load some additional features (title screen music and wall edges). RCT1 paths are planned, but will take some time.

The rulesets of RCT1 and 2 are barely different. The park value was much lower in RCT1, but can be upscaled, and RCT1 had the option to charge for both rides and park entry, which can be done in OpenRCT2 with cheats (and is enabled by default if you load a RCT1 scenario that allows it). If you want to override that, simply open the cheats menu and toggle a checkbox.

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