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  1. Erm, that's not what the dialog is telling you at all. Traditionally, EVERY app can listen for all keyboard input events. That doesn't mean that all apps do so, it just means they can if they wanted to. Of course, this is a security risk (you already mentioned keylogging), so it seems Apple is now clamping down on this functionality. For OpenRCT2, this is fine: we don't listen to keystrokes not directly sent to us. But some programs do: any program that can be controlled while not in focus needs this kind of functionality. (8 cars per trainer and similar programs are examples.) That is why you have this dialog: to enable this functionality for apps that need it. Again, OpenRCT2 should not need this, so you can just leave the box unticked.
  2. Try setting the `drawing_engine` setting in config.ini to `SOFTWARE`.
  3. This should have been fixed in the meantime - can you verify that?
  4. If you have a park that will consistently cause this crash, please upload it. Assertion errors are usually the game's fault, so I don't think it's your laptop just yet.
  5. A fix has just been pushed. The next build should contain the fix.
  6. A fix has just been pushed. Fixed builds should be available in an hour.
  7. This is something that we (the developers) have to fix - there is a bug in the code. In the meantime, you're probably better off switching to the release build.
  8. Oh, don't beat yourself up for that. I don't mind "stupid posts" too much, as long as the author stays civil.
  9. Can You Please Stop Typing Like This? It's annoying to read. Secondly: you're asking a question that gets asked several times a week. Always search a forum to see if someone else also asked the same question. Thirdly: if you want help to prevent your anti-virus from blocking OpenRCT2, at the very least you'll need to provide the name of your anti-virus program.
  10. This question gets asked multiple times a week, so yes, other people do have that problem. "Heuristics" means that your antivirus cannot find any particular virus, but somehow doesn't trust it. The only workaround is telling your AV that the file is file and it should execute it anyway. (Of course, switching to another antivirus program will also help, but that's probably not the first thing you want to try.)
  11. The lighting effects are quite buggy unfortunately. (It's why we labelled them experimental) If you check the option "FPS tonen", OpenRC2 will show the framerate at the top of the screen. What framerate does it show for, say, Six Flags over Texas? And what is your screen resolution? Do you use window scaling in OpenRCT2 (it's toggled by "Vergrotingsfactor"). Finally: it could be that setting the rendering mode to just "Software" (as opposed to "Software, omgeleid via hardware") will net you a few extra FPS. The latter mode is mostly there to support lighting effects and make capturing the screen easier.
  12. How odd. Your specs exceed the minimum by a very large margin, as even very modest computers should be able to run it. What render mode is the game set to? If it's OpenGL, try changing it to software rendering. (macOS' OpenGL support is a disgrace.) Also, you didn't specify which version of macOS you have. We'll need to know that.
  13. If you click "Abort", does it then ask you if you want to report the crash?
  14. Click "yes". It will automatically report the crash to our systems.
  15. The file (scores.dat) is still there, but simply not read by OpenRCT2. What you can try is find scores.dat in your RCT2 directory and copy it to the folder that contains your OpenRCT2 settings (Documents\OpenRCT2 on Windows). If that doesn't work, copy it again and rename the highscores.dat file to highscores.bak before you start OpenRCT2.
  16. Hi Solios, since you appear to know how to write a good bug report, could you report this to our Github? Makes it easier for to keep track of your bug report.
  17. Thank you for the thank you As for your problem: you really need to be more specific than "an error". There are millions of possible errors. Can you quote the exact text of the error, or post a screenshot of it?
  18. You're welcome ^^ We moved those tools to cheats because a lot of people use them for that purpose. You can now also turn off debugging tools if you like - the tools under the golden shovel will stay available.
  19. The RCT2 files are most likely in a hidden folder. What we need to know first: did you use pure Wine, or a distribution like Wineskin? (If so, which one?)
  20. It's the menu that drops down if you click the golden shovel. If you don't see the golden shovel, look in the Options window and turn the toolbar button for Cheats on.
  21. Yes. Just open OpenRCT2, click the red toolbox and select "Open custom content folder". Place your .DAT files in the "object" subfolder.
  22. It seems like it cannot load the objects. Can you turn on Debugging Tools in the Options window, then open the Scenario Editor, hover over one of the items in the list, and post a screenshot of that? OpenRCT2 unfortunately cannot read RCTC's scenario format. You can get around that by creating your own using the Scenario Editor or by downloading scenario packs, like the "Exact RCT1 recreations". You can also download the "RCT2 Mini Game", which contains three scenarios and also the music and sound effects.
  23. Coincidentally, a fix has just been merged to address what looks like your problem. Try updating OpenRCT2 to see if it fixes your problem. (Do note that OpenRCT2's ratings sometimes differ, but that should normally only happen for extreme cases and underflow exploits.)
  24. Not any more. You're both impatient and rude.
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