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  1. Welcome to the twenty-twenties (we need to make that phrase a thing!)
  2. Thanks - Are there any good dat files for this that you know of - I have a lot of dats but none of those. It looks optimistic- seem to be plenty on nedesigns - but not sure if they're path path or scenery path but I should be able to find what I need, but if anyone knows of any dats that are tried and tested please share info.
  3. Found a few mentions of diagonal paths being possible with some workarounds but not yet found how so three questions (which sort of evolved into five!) Are diagonal paths indeed possible? Do they work well or can they be buggy (I've seen some custom parks where layout workarounds have broken guest movement or trapped guests in areas they get stuck in so if it doesn't work too well I'd probably leave it). How do you do them and a thought / other workaround can you also do a jagged normal path and fill it out to look like diagonal path with scenery path triangles. Has anybo
  4. Thanks. RCT design always seems to involve some brainpower puzzling but ORCT has improved things a lot Having fun with one of my projects working out the orientation of the various map/ reference images I've got at the moment. Real life version has some tricky borders instead of just following roads, so having a fun night figuring out exactly where the park edges and rides are! Found the entrance locations now so that should help lots, once I figure out the borders I can figure out roughly where the owned land borders need to be, setting up the rest of the landscape and where the
  5. I might try these in my festive projects- if I find any tweaks that get things running smoothly I'll let you know. Another question to go with djwessie's: can you share games/scenarios with these tweaks in, ie if you tweak the mass will it keep that saved? Could it lose it (mass setting) if people redesign the ride (Obvious answer I'd guess is yes due to retesting)-if it works I'll probably share some advice on making the ride work. I'm no expert so if anything seems too wrong and I can't fix it I may accept the imperfections or have to leave the problem dats out- but t
  6. Teaser (the greyscale would give it away as it's from a map and has the names on!) It lost a bit of the river (top left/ middle left) and I'm slowly adding the water manually- making water features is sloooow as you have to shape the banks (in this case the ones the height map missed) then add the water, then fix any messy hills and cutaways you've made in the process- the mountain tool's not much help- if anyone has any timesavers for rivers/lakes I'd love to know! Something I'm working on based on a real location....
  7. Awesome park, love your creativity. You even sometimes have a similar mindset with your names- I built a Swan Lake ages ago- guess the rides plant name ideas in our heads so names probably pop up a lot as people get the same ideas for names (I love making puns such as Undermined for a mine train or Pretzel Loops for a pretzel shop, Turned Bank for an atm.....), has a nice hive mind feel that people often have similar ideas (real parks probably influence us a lot too) I'm hoping to up my design game for three festive scenarios I'm working on.
  8. Late reply but unless you've accidentally overwritten them they should still be there- you just need to look for them in the folder view and navigate to the folder they're in which will be different depending on how you set up your vanilla (original) RCT folders- and of course where you chose to save your games. Open RCT has its own folders for custom content and saves. Your vanilla RCT does too, as well as any you created. The exception is if your RCT2 saves are the recent re-release/ minor updates 'Classic' version- I think this changed several of the file formats thus doesn't sa
  9. Indeed. Splitting a two-wide path with occasional intersections in this way is a clever trick, especially if it's proving problematic, as Ruedi mentions you can use the boulevard method- basically a three or four wide option with the odd shop etc and no path in the middle one or two, paths on the two outer edges or if you want a double split path another way is you can use fences or walls then delete them so that the paths don't join, again leaving occasional intersections. Double fully joined paths can look a bit more realistic though so if they work in your park feel free to use
  10. Object selection cheat tool shows the two rct fan paths missing aren't selected- it has a path count that excludes them and they're not on the list of selected paths, so weirdly they're being ignored and not selected by orct when vanilla doesn't ignore them. So orct is duplicating the desert path twice in the path selection tool in-game in the two slots of the path orct is missing. The 'new path' is there (the one I think is 'rozy path' but with its name not showing in orct)- I'll attach that file here as it's an example of one where vanilla shows a name for the path but orct doesn
  11. Useful to know- is there any way also to get the dat name by inspecting the scenery directly- some scenery pieces are quite similar so there may be times you want to click the item and know the filename, so this is where it may be useful in the tile inspector if it's not already there.
  12. I've found the new problem's cause and fixed that- deleted the leftover renamed duplicate I made (PATRCTFA) as it hadn't fixed the problem but I missed deleting it now it's gone I don't get the duplicate in vanilla's scenario editor (the problem is otherwise unchanged) My three questions would be: -why does orct lose the names of some paths and just label them 'new path' where vanilla shows their names (such as 'rozy path' if it's used the same path in orct), likewise vanilla seems to show the full names whilst orct shortens them (.....) in the list ?
  13. In ORCT - nb only ORCT has the paths listed as new path- these are named in vanilla- they may include the 'missing' rozy path (as orct's tile inspector shows it as 'new path')- but the mising rct fan paths aren't here ------------ Update: desert path 'patrctfa' name here is the duplicate's name, the correct problem filename is patrctfan#dp as per my most recent update post
  14. In vanilla (note that I've created a new problem in that I now have the desert path listed twice in the editor, possibly as I tried renaming the files in case orct disliked the filenames after discovering this problem (whilst keeping the originals), may have lost track of the 2 new files!, hasn't changed how vanilla/orct handle the path options though, and the savegame has the original files before I duplicated and renamed them:
  15. I've used the tile inspector to look into this a bit more and it seems all three paths may be missing that drop off the list in the scenario editor- two have defaulted to the last path that does show in the scenario editor and I think the third has defaulted to some random other path, difficult to figure out- I'm still looking into it but I do think that three paths are missing which work fine in vanilla (not sure if you'll be able to view the park in vanilla) What info would you need from me in order to establish if it's a bug or a path object limit (it could be the latter and not
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