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  1. Hope the devs do or work on the code yourself.
  2. Some server admin got mad at me for using the guest max nausea cheat (even though it was on a free for all server and would have only required 2 clicks to undo... but that's another story...) It would be nice if one could set wich cheats are "allowed" to users individually by cheat.
  3. I think you by accident unpacked the "symbols" archive, not the "portable" archive.
  4. Woops, sorry. only just read your reply. My github is : NightHawkFur
  5. Oh, ok. In the base game there definitely was. Anyway, It works. The 2 missing tracks "restored" and playing flawlessly. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DOcqWRC8N9M_ZVjv0ZxocvbWfMAtrEzn/view?usp=sharing
  6. I just noticed something interesting: In RCT2, the Merry-Go Round Music is stored from css4.dat to css9.dat & css11.dat to css15.dat . css10.dat + css16.dat are empty files. The music follows the general tracklist of the source vinyl: https://www.discogs.com/No-Artist-The-Bressingham-Voigt/release/2840687 BUT very interestingly, it skips the songs B1 "March - Stars And Stripes For Ever" & B7 "Petersburgher Schilttenfahrt (St. Petersburgh Sleighride)" those correspond PRECICELY to the empty css10.dat and css16.dat spot. That can't be a two-time coincidence. They must have been originally in the game as well but removed later in development. Now, I happen to have this vinyl and EDIT: managed to bring them back into the game! Thanks to the help of Gymnasiast ! Here's the nessesary files + a ReadMe (it's fairly straight foward): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DOcqWRC8N9M_ZVjv0ZxocvbWfMAtrEzn/view?usp=sharing These are public domain tracks played by a 100 year+ old mechanical organ. So there shouldn't be any copyright issues. Also, is there a way to increase the duration of the in-game music tracks ? I'd like to modify some but as far as I know you are limited to the same duration for a track.
  7. I'd second this. If possible, have all 256 colors selectable.
  8. I noticed a lot of groups going inactive during the past year. Tycoon Station, iVenture Realism, GTW Nostalgia Servers in general are now usually empty for the most part. Why is this happening ? Is it the lack of progress in terms of new save format / new content ?
  9. Here's a system i'd love to see once the mighty new save format comes along. Set operating months for your park. For example, "April to Oktober" once the game hits Nov. 1st, the park goes into "Off-Season" removing all guests, where then you have time till the next April to fix it up, do maintenance on the rides and stuff. You can kinda roleplay this allready by just closing the park and rides for a while. However Guests will take ages to leave if you don't use cheats.
  10. NightHawk

    Block Brakes

    *cue the "requires new save format" comments*
  11. It'll be released along Half Life 3 and Black Mesa XEN.
  12. Well, it should be fixed then. 🤷‍♀️
  13. Look at this design. It starts out at +45m, yet it has no issue cresting a hill at +54m later without any boosters what so ever. That doesn't make any sense:
  14. Its stupid guests allready complain after a 6min wait and won't exit the ride happy anymore. Openrct should increse it to at least 10 IMHO.
  15. Wich means it wont happen before around 2030.
  16. NightHawk

    RCT1 paths

    Wich will be in 2025 or so... *hides* 😅
  17. A good generic solution is to set the ride price to the same as the exitement rating.
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