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  1. On roller coasters, the maximum speed traveling in a station (excluding station starts) is a puny 18MPH. With the original this wasn't much of a problem, but 31 car long trains in OpenRTC2 make this incredibly sluggish. Concererns for safety aside, it would be nice to be able to increase this to something a little faster. It should not accelerate faster unless you have boosters (for obvious reasons) but instead should slowly speed up until you hit the adjusted limit, or where the friction exceeds the current velocity. Likewise, it shouldn't slow down the car coming in below the set speed, until the car stops. Treating the individual station pieces like adjustable speed breaks could allow users to let cars barrel into the station and smoothly stop on the last 4-8 pieces, greatly reducing time rolling into the station.
  2. Ruedii

    Block Brakes

    On the note of block breaks, and breaks in general, being able to have them on sloped pieces would be really nice, permitting them on any piece with a cheat would also be great.
  3. Already in the game "Make all guests happy" in the cheat menu. You can enable the cheat menu in the options menu. I don't think there is a persistent version of making guests happy, though. There is also a one to give all the guests a big load of cash to spend. It can't buy happiness for them, but maybe for you. 😁
  4. I was wanting to be able to add better custom music to my OpenRTC2 game, but I noticed the crap old RAW format they want it in. Is there a way we could add support for newer formats. Particularly Ogg and WebM-Audio using Vorbis, Opus and FLAC codecs should be supported out of box. Additionally, support should be available for WebM container AAC as well as MPEG container AAC and MP3 if system support libraries are available. In the spirit of Open Source, these patent encumbered formats should rely on external libraries and soft-fail by not supporting such formats if those libraries simply aren't found. We should encourage people to use WebM/Opus as this is the ideal "fully open" format available right now. As a note, if we could make a data repackager for Android that repackages the sound data in Opus (conveniently supported by EVERY Android device currently in the market) we could reduce the game data size to a fraction of what it was, making it ideal for that old tablet you have.
  5. I was about to suggest the same thing. I use this method a lot, especially on spacing rides like antique cars. Getting the cars spaced perfectly can keep the lines running smoothly as there is always at least one car in the station. (Antique cars are a particularly fun gentle ride, and they give a place for a large number of gentle ride fans to stay while their friends ride the big intimidating coasters that "make them sick just looking at it.")
  6. Ruedii

    Feature: Endless Mode

    It would be nice to ship with a couple premade sandboxes for it. Do you think we could tap the community for such sandboxes? There are four possible ways to set the goal: No Goal: i.e. Have Fun Minimal Goal: Last at least one year Insane Goal: Reach 999 Approval Long term "Don't Fudge it" goal: Don't let your rating drop below 200 before year 25.
  7. Anyone know how to build tall walls made out of stacked walls? Do you build the top wall and use the control trick to slide it up?
  8. This is an issue with having ALL the land be part of the park. You have to make a small segment outside the park bounderies for the entrance to set in. This can be as small as 3x3 to permit the entrance and a small path going to it from the side.
  9. A modern library included app packaging format is generally better than static linking, because it permits insertion of library patches post-release for compatibility with annoyingly stubborn systems. Your best option is to use the AppPack build for this. This one includes all it's libraries and has nice executable compression. You can also prune the libraries when making this, for further compression. There is a premade AppPack, but there is also a build script for it in the source code. Another option is to use FlatPak, which is similar to AppPack but uses a system container, providing more insulation and security. FlatPak also makes several premade run-times available with fixed library sets including the latest bugfix patches. It's a very good option. However, FlatPak requires a runtime and a special user-level package manager (supported by most major modern distros.) This makes it less portable. There currently isn't a flatpak build script last I checked, but it's easy to add. The FlatPak website has a guide, and I think I might have seen a prebuilt one on Flathub. Simply put advantages quick and dirty: FlatPak: System in place for runtime updates. AppPack: Runs as a standard monolithic Elf binary, fully portable and able to run on any system without substantial library issues. As a note, OpenRTC needs the following for FlatPak permissions: Access to Window Manager functions, Access to OpenGL and X11 functions, Sound system Access. Full network access, Access to user directory in filesystem.
  10. Does anyone know if certain foods influence nausia factor more than others? As a note, I recommend starting with one drink stall and one small stack stall, and even possibly waiting for the first guest to be hungry/thirsty to open them.
  11. Never go beyond two wide on paths or you get routing fails on guest AI. Boulevard design also works nicely. (Boulevard design are two paths separated by a small narrow physical barrier with periodic crossing, usually at the junctions.) Such designs allow a line of shops, and gardens on the inside, and rides on the outside.
  12. That's more mod area, but sounds like a cool mod.
  13. Also, as a note, the stations themselves contain an 18MPH booster for starting the train off.
  14. Ruedii

    Wall Snapping

    It would be nice if walls and ceilings would "snap" to one another when being built. This would allow easier building of tall walls and structures. A button could be added to the options menu or, better yet, to the scenery window.
  15. I'd love the ability to have an integrated system to upload and download these. It might be cool if we could get integration with multiple major services for this (I believe Twitch has such a service, Steam does, as does Curseforge.) For Steam it would mean getting a version of OpenRTC2 available on Steam. It should also be able to download from any multiplayer server you connect to, and the server version should have an (optional) upload/download service for this. Creating an abstraction for download exchanges that is modular and allows the use of multiple services would be a great benefit to the Game Development community as a whole. Especially if you can add in achievement handling. Ending vendor lock-in requirements on such services while still permitting them to function would be of great interest to Open Source, especially allowing a small sub-module of an abstraction library to handle the API calls to proprietary services, in order to prevent accidental vendor lock-in to those services via dependency.
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