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  1. 1) It is supposed to only show rides that the scenario intended. However, I believe there is currently a bug in that, which causes it to show more. 2) This is something you should really have checked yourself. I will answer it this time: OpenRCT2 groups rides in much the same way that RCT1 did, unlike RCT2.
  2. This bug has been solved in the meantime. Please make sure you have an up-to-date OpenRCT2.
  3. It is hard to tell without a crash dump, or at least the crash report the macOS generates. Next time your game crashes and the "OpenRCT2 crashes unexpectedly" window comes up, click `Report...` and upload the report here.
  4. (Since this user indicates their English is bad, I have written this post in Dutch.) Engels hoeft geen probleem te zijn, zoals je ziet. Voordat ik een Androidbuild ga opsporen en ga uitleggen hoe je alles inricht op Android (want dat is in dit geval lang niet zo makkelijk als op Windows of Linux): je weet dat OpenRCT2 op Android exact hetzelfde is als op de vaste computer? Dat wil zeggen: de interface is niet specifiek geoptimaliseerd voor Android, dus het kan een beetje priegelig worden, tenzij je een muis aansluit op je Androidapparaat (wat niet heel veel mensen zullen doen). Daarnaast is de Androidversie wat minder stabiel dan de desktopversie, hoewel daaraan momenteel gewerkt wordt. Als dat allemaal geen probleem voor je is, laat het weten en we zullen je verder helpen.
  5. The user you're thinking of is janisozaur. The build that jensj12 mentioned is the most recent one that will work. Never builds might compile if you disable/comment out operating system integration bits, and if you find a new enough compiler to handle all the stuff that we use. Since our builds still work on Vista, you might have some success with the stuff listed here: https://msfn.org/board/topic/176605-compatibility-layers-for-xp/. Do note that I haven't tested that. Another option might be trying a light Linux distro on that old computer, like Lubuntu 18.04. You can even do a dual boot, so that you don't have to ditch XP.
  6. This has been requested here: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/1260 What you can do in the meantime is load up the image in GIMP and use the wand to select the black area, then hit DELETE.
  7. Also, the bug in question should now have been fixed.
  8. I understand the frustration, but leave out the sarcastic "Congrats, you lost all your work" next time. This is supposed to be a hobby for us, not a chore.
  9. Use the Cheats button to turn on Sandbox mode. Then open the map window, select the Guest entry point tool and click the correct spawn point until the faulty one vanishes.
  10. I doubt that they have been erased. OpenRCT2 looks in other directories than RCT2 does. It also doesn't try to move any file from RCT2's directories, it only copies them.
  11. Nice idea. I would especially love to see Blood Gulch.
  12. It is a limitation of the engine. It's on the wishlist to change it, but we have many other things to do as well.
  13. That is certainly looking more aligned with how RCT's tracks look! One question: is this still Intamin track? I don't recognise the track style, and searching on the internet only seems to return a track style that looks like RCT's Giga Coaster.
  14. @J. Taylor I have tried your save and can reproduce the problem. I will investigate further when I have the time.
  15. The bug with "The Zap!" has been solved. You should now be able to load your save again without it crashing.
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