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  1. EULAs (or any contract) cannot take away rights you legally have. It should be noted that Atari itself is fully aware of our existence, and has endorsed it by 1) using it in their streams, and 2) allowing GOG to offer a bundle OpenRCT2 with RCT2. It’s hardly surprising, as OpenRCT2 has driven the sales of RCT2 a lot - many people bought RCT2 on Steam or GOG because they lost their originals discs or didn’t have a convenient way of reading them. About the demo: I’m not happy about it either, but please note that this is not an official site, but one made by a fan, and we have extremely limited control over what goes on it. The official site is openrct2.io. We (the devs) never link to it from our Discord or the Reddit (and any posts linking to it get removed).
  2. No, because it’s the configuration of OpenRCT2, not of the Launcher. But editing the file in question with Notepad is not really hard to do.
  3. You should merge the Wacky World (and Time Twister, if you have it) files to the same directories as your RCT2 base install. So you merge Data with Data, Scenarios with Scenarios, etcetera.
  4. It looks like you’re running a Flatpak version of OpenRCT2 or something like that. This is not directly handled by us. Flatpak confines applications into a container for security, but it looks like it’s a bit overzealous here. This also explains why "which openrct2" does not give you anything back: there is simply no executable called "openrct2" that your OS can find. It is, indeed, better to just uninstall OpenRCT2 from the Software Manager and install it from the Terminal. If it works then, you should report this to the people who made the Flatpak version. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s first solve your problem.
  5. Your answer is right there in the changelog:
  6. That is the right version info. We also need to know your OS. Are you on Windows 10? Does it happen for every save, or only specific ones?
  7. As X7 points out, we cannot control what people do an a server. We don’t listen in on what’s being said in a server, because that would be a massive privacy intrusion and people would (rightly) not accept it. We (or anyone) can _ask_ server owners to do something about it, but it’s up to them to cooperate - that’s assuming they’re not racists themselves. If they are, blocking their servers is also not really feasible - there is no account system or EULA to sign and thus nothing to reliably detect for a block, unless the server name or description contains anything offensive. However, we can easily blacklist a few words from server names and descriptions to stop them from appearing in the server list. That would weed out at least some of the excesses.
  8. What do you mean by "it doesn’t work”? That’s about as vague as you can get. You’ll have to provide information.
  9. Instructions for Android can be found here: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/wiki/Android Pay close attention, especially to the /storage/emulated/0/openrct2 folder. It’s easiest to just download RCT2 and RCT1 on your desktop computer and copy it to your Android device. A word of caution: the Android version of OpenRCT2 is exactly the same as the Windows/macOS/Linux versions. The interface is not particularly modified for touchscreens.
  10. If you ever experience crashes when autosaving again, please make sure to report it. We added them specifically to address this kind of scenario, so we really don’t want people to turn them off. You can report crashes here or on our issue track on GitHub.
  11. The most complete experience is: RCT2 and its expansions WW and TT, or the RCT2 Triple Thrill Pack. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the CD, GOG or Steam version, and I’m quite sure the Epic Store version will not differ either. RCT1 and its expansions AA and LL, or RCT Deluxe - for scenarios, land types, opaque water, booster sprites and in the future also paths RCT2 DLC scenario: Panda World RCT1 DLC scenarios (if you really want completeness): gameplay, PC Player, PC Gaming world, and if you’re especially hardcore: the 11 roller coaster building competition scenarios. You don’t need RCT Classic - while OpenRCT2 will work on it, it won’t provide extra features except for the scenario conversions, but OpenRCT2 can read RCT1 scenarios directly, which makes for a more authentic experience anyway. You also don’t need the RCT2 DLC scenery, because OpenRCT2 already includes it by default. I guess this information should be added to the wiki or the user manual. There is also some information about DLC in general on the RCT Wiki. The page is called "Downloadable Content", but we (I’m part of that team too) are in the middle of moving the RCT Wiki away from Fandom. Here is a link of the page on the (currently not yet finished) new location: https://rct.wiki/wiki/Downloadable_Content
  12. The OpenRCT2 v0.4 release (which will, by definition contain the new save format) is at least weeks ago, but might be months. As for your other questions: It’s mostly by design. It is currently tied to specific ticks to ensure other stuff gets run too. On faster systems, we might be able run more of it at the same time if we spun it off to a separate thread, but special care is needed to ensure it doesn’t break multiplayer - having stats available changes guest behaviour, and having stats available earlier on _some_ clients would cause a desyncs. Can you provide a test park for this? There are cases where this might be a bug, but it might also be correct: if you build a ride too high using cheats, and then attempt to raise the land, the resulting supports would still be too long. The boosters for the Corkscrew are indeed a bit underpowered, but they have to be in order to remain compatible with RCT1, as well as with old OpenRCT2 saves.
  13. I’m not entirely sure how to interpret that. Are you saying that: Enabling sandbox mode (and leaving it on) still doesn’t make the road show up in the Footpaths window, or After disabling sandbox mode, the road is no longer available in the Footpaths window? Option 1 would be a bug or a user error, but option 2 is how it is supposed to work. (Note that cheats will be saved with the park on the new save format, which makes enabling roads a one-time event.)
  14. You do need to do both - are you absolutely certain you did that?
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