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  1. This was a bug, but a fix has been merged today.
  2. Ratings should always be generated, and I'm also sure this problem can be fixed. However, the problem is that we don't know yet what causes the ratings in your park to get stuck. It would help if we could pinpoint it to one particular ride.
  3. Yes, I can now load it. For me, it does generate ratings on Slngha if I delete all other rides. I haven't tracked down specifically which ride is blocking the ratings generation, though.
  4. I cannot load that file, because I don't have the GREENTIL.DAT file. Could you upload that file as well?
  5. @AstruxysThere will be at some point, because we are working on raising those limits. But until then, you will have to limit yourself to 252 small objects, 128 walls, etcetera.
  6. Are you on release or develop? If you're not sure, please provide the build hash in the title screen (which looks something like ab1c2de).
  7. 1) This bug seems to have been with us for quite some time: it was already present in v0.2.2. 2) Hm, odd. Not sure what would cause it. If you can determine a set of steps to trigger the problem, that would help tremendously.
  8. I'd wait with petitioning Valve until you actually have confirmation from the OpenRCT2 team that they actually *want* to release on Steam.
  9. It will work with Steam, GOG, CD and several other sources as well.
  10. Could you upload your save? We can't tell from a short description.
  11. Yes, someone else also had this problem and reported it here: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/10372 You can follow the discussion and resolution there. Once it says "closed", it means the bug is solved.
  12. The code checks the vehicle, meaning that it will count a floorless and a (sit-down) twister as two different types.
  13. Your university's wifi will most likely not give you an IP address that your friend can reach. That means you have two options: If your friend has control over their internet connection (i.e. it's not a university network or something like that), they can set up the server and have to open the appropriate port in the firewall (by default, OpenRCT2 uses TCP port 11753). If your friend does not have control over their internet connection, you will need to use software like Hamachi to create a VPN between the two of you, which will effectively create a LAN. Then either of you can host the server. Starting a server is easy: you just open the Multiplayer window and click “Start server”.
  14. Welcome, Erik! Now, I was somewhat active in RCT2 forums in the mid-00's, but I don't think I have seen that Titanic scenario. I'm sure many other people around here haven't seen it. (Heck, I'm sure there are people around here that were barely born back then.) Perhaps a good idea to share the scenario here?
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