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  1. You mean the OpenRCT2 project as a whole? That would be _very_ wrong. The intention was to extend RCT2 capabilities, in the way of more features and compatibility with modern (desktop) operating systems. Talk about a different UI has only been mentioned as something that an outside contributor could pick up. The whole port was more or less a proof of concept, with the potential to work it out into something playable. The Android builds started failing at some point - we haven't intentionally retired them. In general, we have too little time for the game as it is. There is still a lot we want to work on that concerns the game itself - that would need to be finished before shifting the focus to projects like this one.
  2. Cheats like those have been in the game for a few years...
  3. It looks like your save become corrupted. Try checking your autosave dir to save if you have any copies of it (tip: copy the autosave directory first, that avoids overwriting them).
  4. Also: which version of OpenRCT2 are you running?
  5. We could have a plug-in or built-in option for better physics later on, in the same way that OpenTTD has (though RCT's physics are _perfect_, compared to those of Transport Tycoon, so OpenTTD really _needed_ one). As Jens pointed out, there are too many parks and roller coaster designs out there that would break if we meddled with the physics.
  6. OK, if those are all the files in that folder, you're indeed missing all of the music files, since that is put in css3.dat through css46.dat. Since you have the CD version, I think you have done a "Minimum" install. Please reinstall RCT2 and make sure you choose to do the full install.
  7. Which version have you installed? If it's the 0.2.3 release build: it contains a bug that stops it from working on macOS. Please update to the latest development build and try again.
  8. Can you give me a listing of the "Data" folder of your RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 installation, including file sizes?
  9. Erm, that's not what the dialog is telling you at all. Traditionally, EVERY app can listen for all keyboard input events. That doesn't mean that all apps do so, it just means they can if they wanted to. Of course, this is a security risk (you already mentioned keylogging), so it seems Apple is now clamping down on this functionality. For OpenRCT2, this is fine: we don't listen to keystrokes not directly sent to us. But some programs do: any program that can be controlled while not in focus needs this kind of functionality. (8 cars per trainer and similar programs are examples.) That is why you have this dialog: to enable this functionality for apps that need it. Again, OpenRCT2 should not need this, so you can just leave the box unticked.
  10. Try setting the `drawing_engine` setting in config.ini to `SOFTWARE`.
  11. This should have been fixed in the meantime - can you verify that?
  12. If you have a park that will consistently cause this crash, please upload it. Assertion errors are usually the game's fault, so I don't think it's your laptop just yet.
  13. A fix has just been pushed. The next build should contain the fix.
  14. A fix has just been pushed. Fixed builds should be available in an hour.
  15. This is something that we (the developers) have to fix - there is a bug in the code. In the meantime, you're probably better off switching to the release build.
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