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  1. One problem, as far as the game is concerned, is that the top section of the spiral lift hill is not a distinct track piece, unlike a regular lift hill top, block brake or end-of-station piece.
  2. You should upload an SC4 or SV4 file that actually has 10% interest, then. I determined the 1.33% by checking the interest payments that RCT1 deducts with those from RCT2, and all I tried had this interest rate. There is also no indication on the TID a loan interest variable exists for SV4 files. I am not sure how you would "remember" that in the first place, seeing as RCT1 does not even display the interest rate, making it hard to determine without carefully checking interest payments and comparing them to the loan amount. Can you upload that save, then? And how do you know it's 10%? Did you check in RCT1?
  3. The keys are used to avoid users impersonating one another. Most likely, your brother accidentally removed his key and a new one was generated. On the server, go to the config directory of OpenRCT2 (I'd be more specific, but you didn't tell me what operating system your server is on), then to "keys" and find the file that starts with his username and has a .pubkey extension. Delete that file and your brother should be able to join again.
  4. This has since been fixed. Please upgrade to the latest `develop` version.
  5. Normally, it should open Zenity and ask you to specify a location, but from above screenshot, it looks as if you haven't got either Zenity nor Kdialog installed.
  6. If OpenRCT2 cannot find the original game files, it should open a window asking you to specify the location. Which path did you select there?
  7. The Scenario Editor is very buggy. I cannot say for sure why it freezes in your case without having a landscape to test it with. Did you save your work in the meantime? You should be able to load one and continue with it. If you don't: check if you have any autosaves. They are in a subfolder of the "save" folder.
  8. It's not the same, no. RCT Deluxe is to RCT1 what Triple Thrill Pack is to RCT2: the game bundled with the expansions. You cannot substitute one for another. OpenRCT2 needs Triple Thrill Pack. Optionally, you can also _add_ RCT Deluxe to improve OpenRCT2 with some extra features. Edit: note that you don't strictly need Triple Thrill Pack. The disc versions of RCT2+WW+TT will also work. The same applies to RCT1: RCT1+Loopy Landscapes will work just as well as RCT Deluxe.
  9. They're also the same type of file used for ride vehicles, walls and path. Doesn't mean the object types are interchangeable.
  10. That's correct. OpenRCT2 does not yet implement those surface styles, as the SV6 file format does not provide enough for it. It is planned, though.
  11. The operating system you're using is about the bare minimum you need to specify. But I'm a bit confused by this sentence anyway. Do you mean that your primary system is not a Mac? If so, what operating system does it have? You cannot download OpenRCT2 on Steam. You can download the files from RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 from Steam, which are needed in order to make OpenRCT2 work. Perhaps this is what you meant, but I need to check it before moving on to the more complicated stuff.
  12. The closest you can get is using the Track Designs Manager, which will draw a preview of the ride including its scenery. But you'd have to determine what scenery it uses by eye.
  13. You hold down the SHIFT key, then move your mouse up and down to adjust the height. (This also works for scenery, by the way, and can also be used to place stuff underground.)
  14. That is not quite correct. It uses NN for integer scales (so 2x, 3x, ...), but it uses either Smooth Nearest Neighbour or Linear scaling for any non-integer scales (e.g. 1.5x 1,75x, ...).
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