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  1. So I really like the idea of night mode. But right now it doesn't really work as well as it probably should (or could). The real difference between day and nighttime right now only is a colour filter from normal to a darker blue, which seems nice, but it makes it look like it's always full moon, which doesn't make sense at all. Also the shift between day and night happens way too fast and is unrealistic (I know, a day in RCT2 only takes like 25 seconds but let's just ignore that). It would probably look alot better if it instead became actually darker (or instead of a blue filter it
  2. Timolino456

    RCT1 paths

    I also prefer the RCT1 path system. Especially the waiting lines, they looked better with the simple fence version. And for some reason in RCT Classic the green line path from RCT2 doesn't exist.
  3. Since you can charge a lot more money for attractions in RCT2, I can see that. But in OpenRCT2 you apparently can't do it that much. 1€ for a Merry-Go-Round seems to be the maximum. Coasters about 5-8€ and thrill rides ~3€ for me. In standard RCT2 those were alot higher. It's not really hard like it is now but I'm somebody that likes to repay the loan before the scenario is finished and right now I always have to increase it at first to build something that makes more money, like a somewhat big coaster or something. Well, whatever, problem solved I guess.
  4. I just tried that, new guests still won't pay 1€/£/$/whatever EDIT: now it works. Why did that 25% thing even get implemented? In RCT1 you could charge both entrace and rides and they would pay normally...
  5. By the way: This is still not fixed. I just built a twist, but they won't even pay one stupid € for it.
  6. I use the cheat for both prices and the cheat for decreasing value turned off. But I have this problem even without them turned on.
  7. In RCT1 and RCT2 it has always been easy. If a ride costs 1€ and peeps are complaining, put it to 60 cents (or from 2€ to 1,60€ etc.) and from like 2,50€ to 2€. Then they're okay with it. After some time you will have to put it from 60 cents to 20 cents. And after a really long time they will only ride it if it's free. In OpenRCT2 this isn't the case, because they will only pay like half the normal price and they start complaining much quicker than in the original games. But I do think this is a bug, because it really makes the game harder than it should be. Same with park entrance p
  8. It's even worse with rollercoasters. I know how the price system in RCT1 and 2 work. RCT1 base game and Added Attractions parks have the normal price system and in Loopy Landscapes and RCT2 parks you can make everything crazy expensive and they still pay. But in OpenRCT2 right now they are greedier than in the RCT1 base game system. For really good coasters they only want to pay 3€ or less and after a small amount of time I had to put it down to 2,50€. Some coasters even have to be 2€ and 1,50€ afterwards. Also the cheat "Attractions don't loose value" doesn't seem to work for me, they still r
  9. I noticed that the peeps became much greedier recently. They won't even pay 1€ for the Ferries Wheel or 1,50€ for the Pirate Ship. They also don't pay more than 3€ for coasters. This is a problem for me, I can't get any money together to actually get any park going. I barely managed to win Forest Frontiers with just a Merry-Go-Round, a Pirate Ship and a wooden coaster. I had to reduce the research costs and everything. In RCT1 I normally manage to win Forest Frontiers with like 700 Peeps and all attractions built, so it's not like I'm bad at this game. But this needs to be fixed. Thi
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