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How to connect 2 ride types together?

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You can merge two different tracks by building the same piece on the same tile. The one that was build first will be the one the vehicle will switch to. In your case, you should build the vertical drop first, then merge the floorless coaster into it.

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11 minutes ago, HarryLUFC said:

the Vertical drop coaster does not have Corkscrews.

In OpenRCT2 it does. So there's no need for a track merge here - just change the ride type to twister, build the corkscrew, then change it back. (It'd be nice if we had a "show all track pieces" cheat to avoid the need to do this, but we don't). This is quicker, doesn't consume an extra ride slot, and doesn't interfere with the block system.

But, if you want to know how to do a track merge anyway (as it is often necessary), you first build the two tracks you want to join. Then, you select the piece behind the joint, and build forward with the same track piece as the next section of track, so that the two track pieces overlap. I have a video of this process here. You will need to do something a bit different if you want block sections - see here for details.

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15 hours ago, X7123M3-256 said:

In OpenRCT2 it does

I just tested it, and I don't see them. Either way it wouldn't make sense for Open to have enabled corkscrews on the vertical drop coaster because the vanilla vertical drop trains don't have corkscrew nor heartline roll sprites.

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5 hours ago, Spacek said:

I just tested it, and I don't see them.

Well, I just tested it, and I do see them (this is on the latest develop binary build, not my fork with all the extra track pieces). It was merged some time ago so it should be in stable as well - is your game up to date? To be clear, I am referring to track sprites - the cars still lack appropriate sprites for inversions, and probably will do until such time as we have replacement graphics.


5 hours ago, Spacek said:

Either way it wouldn't make sense for Open to have enabled corkscrews on the vertical drop coaster because the vanilla vertical drop trains don't have corkscrew nor heartline roll sprites.

That's why they're not shown in the ride construction window. But it doesn't make sense not to add them in at all for that reason, since people will merge them in anyway, and people who don't hack will never see the extra pieces.

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Merging multiple track types:

When building a coaster made of multiple track types, first select a coaster type that most of the coaster will be made of. This will be the "mother" coaster, the coaster that you make your station, trains and most of the track pieces with.

Build the first part of the coaster, or as much of it as you want, including the station. Now stop, or simply erase sections to create a void where you want the new type of track pieces to be (loops twists hills whatever).

[To create "voids" in a coaster's track: First; "close the coaster for service" (red flag it), then right click your mouse on any part of the track you want to alter, this will open the construction window. Now use the left arrow, right arrow, and the bulldozer icons to delete the highlighted section(s).]

Now select a new type of coaster from the rides menu that you want the "void" or "section" of track to be made of, and have it's "construction window" open. Now select the track piece or pieces you wish to use and start building at the spot where the last track piece ended. Physically merge the new-track-section to the previous track type by building the new-track pieces at the same angle, height, and position that the automatic track builder would for the next "mother" piece. If you've done this correctly, you should see the track piece ends "melt" together.

When you finish building the section made of the secondary type of coaster, leave that "secondary coaster" 'closed for service', and close it's "building and options window".  (you only need it's track pieces... the ride itself will always remain closed and will be a "dead ride" only serving as part of the mother coaster's track) [in most cases].

Now connect the "mother" coaster to the end of the "new-coaster-track-section" and continue the coaster all the way back to the station. (this would usually be done with the "mother" coaster but can be done with the new coaster as long as the tracks are merged and the coaster becomes a complete circuit).

Be sure all of the track pieces are merged or the coaster won't function.

Always remember; you can build forwards and backwards !

-Sometimes... to get a roller coaster made with multiple track types to work, you have to try setting the "mother" coaster, to a different operating mode... If you're getting a message; "coaster is not a 'complete circuit' ", and you're sure that all the track pieces are merged together, then try selecting a different operating mode. Sometimes only one, or another mode will work, especially when you're building a coaster with multiple track types. ;For example select: (powered launch without passing station, instead of powered launch passing station, or continuous circuit mode instead of continuous circuit block section mode etc...)

Also try using only one train instead of two, or less trains instead of more if your coaster is not working.

One thing i am not sure of: You may have to have certain cheats enabled in order to make a coaster of multiple track types, but i am not sure of this, and i am not sure which ones. Try enabling some cheats in the golden shovel, this may help.

By the way, I have never built a coaster made of more than 2 track types, but i do think it's possible.

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  • 7 months later...

Sorry for bringin this thread up again, but it doesn't work for me.

As a simple example, I tried to put a wodden coaster water splash in a junior coaster.

First the junior coaster:


Then I deleted the tracks where the water splash would be.


Then I added the water splash


But this doesn't work. When I want to start a test on the junior coaster, the game said, the track is not completed.

My enabeled cheats:


Where is my mistake here?

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You're missing two steps. Firstly, it doesn't look like you actually merged the tracks. In the final screenshot, you need to click the build track button so that you have a junior piece overlapping with the first wooden piece. Then you select the end of the wooden track and do the same.


Secondly, you need to put the ride in boat hire mode so it will let you open it with an incomplete circuit, or else complete the circuit with a dummy track.

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