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  1. I've built this 4 way duel coaster that works well, has great stats and all have similar ride times. The issue is that when one ride breaks down, they all stop and dont run anymore. I originally had all 4 exit stations alongside each other and had the issue then, and have now put them in pairs and this doesnt help. There is probably an easy fix to this but im not familiar too much with the ins and out's out of it. The park file is below as well. Forest Heights.zip
  2. Here you go, i believe you need the second file as well from sending it to someone else Future Town.zip GREENTIL.zip
  3. The full park as it is now? Or just the scenario?
  4. Been on this park for a few years now on and off, started it off on vanilla RCT 2 and in the past 2 years been on Open RCT2. Finally decided it might be time to call it a day after expanding the park and maxing out the ride limits. Im a personal fan of keeping everything quite congested, hence all the tree's and large buildings, as well as having 2 rides with 400ft drops, thought id give it a share
  5. I had a brief look on the forums but couldnt find any issue identical to mine. I am starting a new scenario and am just setting up the scenary to use for that park, but cannot find the selected roofs (the roof highlighted in the 2nd image and the 3 to the right) that i have been using with a previous park. I am wondering where else i can find these from to bring into my new park? The first image shows where i would imagine that selected piece would be but cannot find it
  6. Hi no im afraid this hasnt worked, i have even changed the coaster to just 1 train and have it on continuous circuit mode to see if that gets me any results but it still hasnt worked. I have also demolished and rebuilt the coaster and still the problem persists
  7. I have built a new Giga Coaster for my park 'Singha', and after a while of waiting the ratings wont show up for the ride. None of the rides in my park are built with cheats. Also, the rides built previous to this have excitement ratings on them, and the only rides that dont are rides that are built just for scenery. Below are the downloads i believe required to open the park Future Town update.zip GREENTIL (2).zip
  8. Do you think this is a general bug then or will there be a way to fix it?
  9. Hi sorry for the slow reply ive been moving house. I think this should be correct Future Town.zip
  10. Hey ive looked at the thread and ive not used any cheats with any of my coasters. I have deleted all the rides other than a roller coaster that has this issue and it still isnt showing any ratings. I have not used the tile inspector once.
  11. I've just come across this issue on a couple of rides in my park. Are you able to elaborate on what you mean by this as i don't quite understand
  12. As seen in the photo below, my park, in year 69 is basically using up all the land available in my park. Is there an option in Open RCT2 currently that allows me to increase the size of the park?
  13. Just wondering whether this is a bug or if there is an actual limit on how many guests can queue for a ride? Made a new coaster and it is very popular amongst guests(shown below) and ive had to extend the queue length several times, but when 1000 are queuing for the ride every guess just turns away at the queue start. Is there a way to change this or anything? Believe i could get 1.5k guests queuing for the ride, or atleast want to aim to get more queuing for the ride than guests walking. Any response is helpful
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