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  1. Do you think this is a general bug then or will there be a way to fix it?
  2. Hi sorry for the slow reply ive been moving house. I think this should be correct Future Town.zip
  3. Hey ive looked at the thread and ive not used any cheats with any of my coasters. I have deleted all the rides other than a roller coaster that has this issue and it still isnt showing any ratings. I have not used the tile inspector once.
  4. I've just come across this issue on a couple of rides in my park. Are you able to elaborate on what you mean by this as i don't quite understand
  5. Yo this worked thanks a lot!
  6. As seen in the photo below, my park, in year 69 is basically using up all the land available in my park. Is there an option in Open RCT2 currently that allows me to increase the size of the park?
  7. Just wondering whether this is a bug or if there is an actual limit on how many guests can queue for a ride? Made a new coaster and it is very popular amongst guests(shown below) and ive had to extend the queue length several times, but when 1000 are queuing for the ride every guess just turns away at the queue start. Is there a way to change this or anything? Believe i could get 1.5k guests queuing for the ride, or atleast want to aim to get more queuing for the ride than guests walking. Any response is helpful
  8. May sound stupid but im not good with this stuff, how do i copy these files into the OpenRCT2 folder? How do i locate them?
  9. Trying to open my park ive been playing for around over a year now but just updated Open RCT2 to 0.2.1, and getting this error below. Any help is much appreciated!!
  10. Working on this park for a while, still a few bits to do. Thought id show off some of my favourite areas of the park. No cheats used other than unlimited money, and occasionally freezing the climate so none of my rides die out! Any feedback is helpful
  11. Im trying to join up a 'floorless roller coaster' track to a 'vertical drop roller coaster' as the Vertical drop coaster does not have Corkscrews. Any idea how i can do this? I've seen other parks do this but im not sure how to?
  12. I'm fairly new to the forums here so dont know if this has already been answered before.. But, does anyone know where i am able to find the title sequence parks on the current Open RCT2 sequence, (first screen is of a mine coaster thing)? Not in the folder 'title sequences' if thats where they're meant to be. https://gyazo.com/51c16baa8c8ca2c937af7f1d3842cc41 https://gyazo.com/8d4ea007cb8e1cc4abe7eb277ce269a0
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