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  1. On 26th of May 2012, I started the RollerCoaster Tycoon let's play on my Youtube-Channel. Now, nearly seven years later, in the year of the 20th birthday of RCT, I reached episode #1000 during the "Icicle Worlds"-scenario. In numbers, i finished 59 of the 81 regular scenarios (= 73%, incl. both add-ons) and it is also my aim to finish the remaining 22 scenarios and then the bonus scenarios. Yes, it is in german, but here is the extra long 1 hour jubilee episode:
  2. I have some problems with the "Most dazzling ride colors award", maybe i do something wrong? Following situation: new park with five tracked rides: 4 rollercoasters and 1 cycle monorail. 3 of them have as main colors the main colors required for the award. In my opinion, the conditions for recieving the award are true (At least 5 rides and more than half of the rides are colourful.). But after a long waiting time, nothing happened. After that, i coloured the other two rides also in the colors, but no award. Then, i built a 5th coaster with the dazzling colors and after a sh
  3. Love it. Even as german i had to smile about the "Die Mannschaft"-Coaster.
  4. But isn't that a contradiction? Sure, with peeps the dinghys are faster. But they are also heavier, so a higher gravity pulls them down. I also find it unrealistic that the dinghies explodes when crashing
  5. RCT1 has also that annoying "feature" that the game removes also fences on the opposite side of the path...
  6. I agree, even though the graphics from RCT is not the best, it isn't 3D and you don't have a onride camera or other features, it is this kind of special flair/ambience of those games which makes them fascinating than the modern 3D game versions. Sure, i have a copy of RCT3 and the onride option is great, but i never played RCT3 that much like i play RCT1/2. It's the same with racing games. Let me add Grand Prix 2 to your list.
  7. Thank you for your tipps. It worked now for me
  8. Sorry for bringin this thread up again, but it doesn't work for me. As a simple example, I tried to put a wodden coaster water splash in a junior coaster. First the junior coaster: Then I deleted the tracks where the water splash would be. Then I added the water splash But this doesn't work. When I want to start a test on the junior coaster, the game said, the track is not completed. My enabeled cheats: Where is my mistake here?
  9. I know, but even with limits disabled, i could not build higher than that, and the loopings also needs to be higher.
  10. Found this Wikipedia article today: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euthanasia_Coaster And yes, i had to build this immediately in OpenRCT2. And my version is even worser than the original....
  11. Yeah, it has nothing to do with roller coasters, but: I'd like to have an additional track element for the river rapids: A water pistol element which is connected to a path and guests can try to hit the guests in the river rapids. Maybe it could cost some money as additional income. For the go kart track wider turns and Track pieces without tire barriers for a more open looking track.
  12. Thank you. I looked for something more obvious.
  13. I did not understand what is absurd in this coaster...
  14. I don't think so. I play OpenRCT2 with the RCT2 release version from 2002. Premade rides: You click on the picture from the ride and then a windows opens with all premade rides, if available.
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