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  1. Late, but that only applies when you're using unlock vehicle limits. Hopefully someday Open will change the vehicle configuration window when using that cheat, but that's why that happens, for now.
  2. Hello everyone, four-time OpenRCT2 title sequence creator here! I've made the 0.1.2 title sequence as good as it possibly can be, and I'm curious what you all think about it!
  3. RFC version 2 has been published. Download and comment in the github. As for the version 0.1.0 sequence: it was produced in one week with no user feedback while juggling trying to produce enough working code so that OpenRCT2 would play and make title sequences in milliseconds.
  4. Hello everyone, I am the one in charge of making the new title sequence for the 0.1.2 release version. To prevent what happened to 0.1.0 from happening to this one, I have published the current working version of the title sequence on github with the expectation that people will view it and comment on it. Click the link below to go to the github issue with the sequence: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/title-sequences/issues/4 To keep things streamlined, please post comments on *github* and not this thread.
  5. For those who do not frequent the NEDesigns homepage, you may not know that I have been working in secret on what I call CTR Christmas. CTR Christmas is a collection of brand-new rides just in time for the holiday, and guess what: the holiday is here. So for every RCT2 player around the world, I present to you: CTR Christmas! You can download them from my github here!
  6. I just tested it, and I don't see them. Either way it wouldn't make sense for Open to have enabled corkscrews on the vertical drop coaster because the vanilla vertical drop trains don't have corkscrew nor heartline roll sprites.
  7. You can download previous title sequences from the github repository where they all are stored at http://github.com/OpenRCT2/title-sequences. I have updated them so they will work with 0.1.0 stable and newer. Just add the folders to your OpenRCT2\title sequence folder, but be sure to remove the periods from the file name because OpenRCT2 will assume they are extensions.
  8. Grab the latest development version and tell me what you think! It was a bumpy road getting it done this past week but I am happy with the results and I hope to hear what you guys think of it.
  9. You can download the original version of that park here: https://www.nedesigns.com/park/3692/dynamite-dunes/ When I made the title sequence, I modified it slightly to work better, so you might enjoy it better if you use the link above. If you aren't interested in the park exactly as the original author published it, you can find the park on your hard drive. The title sequence parks are found here: The .parkseq files are .zip files that have been renamed. If you have 7zip, you can extract them without renaming, but if you don't have it, you may need to rename the .parkseq extension to .zip before unzipping.
  10. I'm not interested in mucking about with that because: I think the balance and levels are just fine. There is an ample 3.5 seconds to change the volume. When sounds are loud, time dilates, so it's actually longer than 3.5 seconds. I disagree with you about the purpose of sound in the title sequence. The point of the title sequence is to show off theme parks with music in the background, not to show off music with theme parks in the background. If it's too much, please make a feature request. As for the balance...
  11. The title sequence is written to last two complete music loops on my computer, and is only slightly longer than the 0.0.4 intro. With the woodie, I don't want there to be two shots nearby without a camera rotation, so that people with large resolutions don't say, "hey, this barely changed!" so I have the rotation. The other two possible rotations would put the trains going the opposite direction or would have the same problem. It's the lesser evil. With the sequence start, I can change the timing of the rides so that the freefall isn't going when the sequence starts. The screaming thing, though, I predict it will be the "change it, oh wait it sucks, change it back" kind of thing, so I'm not going to budge on showing the roller coaster first. Amusement parks are supposed to be exciting, and the intro is designed to reflect that. Also, on the topic of long intros, watch the Loopy Landscapes intro.
  12. The 0.0.5 release is in its final weeks of development before the stable version, and with each version is a new title sequence. Like the last release, I am the one in charge of the title sequence. There are a few things to wrap up before the title sequence is completely done, but I thought I would post the title sequence here early as a sneak preview. Download the title sequence here and put it in your \OpenRCT2\title sequences\ folder, and select it from the wrench tab in the options menu. What do you guys think?
  13. Unfortunately adding as many parks as possible falls into the "file size requirements" category of technical restrictions.
  14. If you did not know, I was the one to put together the OpenRCT2 0.0.4 title sequence. Since that will probably happen again in the future, I thought I would get your opinions on it. I tried to keep things very sawyer-ish, but some technical problems prevented me from doing something closer to the RCT1 title sequence, mainly the file size requirements and the transitions between parks. Too many parks and the title sequence gets too large to distribute, and every time a park loads there is a framerate drop so can't have too many of those. I am eager to hear what you think about it.
  15. Is there a wall in between the path and the hut? If there isn't, just click on the path again.
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