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RCT1 Scenarios!!!

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Yeah, that's still missing, but just beign able to load the original scenarios with pre-existing rides is already a blast. There are a ton of small details that would need to be taken care of still (such as paths, types of trains, fruity-ices stall colouring, etc.), but hey, it's a start :D

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Oh, well, I'm holding off on buying the toolkit until I complete a majority of the scenarios.

(I've already completed Electric Fields, Crazy Castle, Bumbly Beach, Forest Frontiers, and Dynamite Dunes)


Is it just me, or do most the RCTC scenarios consist of 2 words that start with the same letter, or one away in the alphabet?

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There is a pack for the original RCT1 scenarios recreated in RCT2 files and assets.  

My disappointment is that you can't use the original paths. The paths in RCT2 are super ugly and I loved the path creation system from RCT1. I with the developers hadn't 'updated' it for the second installment. Even if you download a file for the original paths, they won't work with the scenarios unless you manually add them. It's a real downer. Do we know if there are any plans to add the original paths styles at some point?


Edit 1/15/17: I'd have to go through and add the paths to every scenario I want them in instead of having them there in all. It would be nice to be able to set custom items to show in current scenarios without having to manually add it every time.

OpenRCT2 is amazing and the work that's been done already makes the game so  much more playable and enjoyable. 

Note: The path pack file is a scenario that, when opened, adds the paths to RCT2 as custom paths.


path pack.SC6

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Even if you download a file for the original paths, they won't work with the scenarios unless you manually add them

That scenario pack was made for vanilla RCT2 and doesn't use any custom objects. The object selection is part of the scenario so custom objects do not appear in scenarios automatically (and if they did, which ones? You can't have every object loaded at once). If you want you can download recreated paths, add them to the scenario and then save it again so you'll have them in future.

If you're talking about the ability to change path and support types independently, this isn't possible in RCT2 and will have to wait until OpenRCT2 has its own save format.



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The diagonal flat-to-steep slopes have now been added to the Junior Roller Coaster. They were actually in RCT2's files (but the regular flat-to-steep slopes weren't!), but needed code in order to use them.

RCT Classic doesn't support steep slopes on the Junior Roller Coaster. Most instances in the RCT1 scenario have been replaced by the Mini or Spiral RC in RCTC. (Which is technically more correct anyway.)

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