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  1. Oh yeah, and the first textures added should be the wall ones (like in RCT1), and also the roof textures to the flat land textures. (again, like in RCT1).
  2. Also, I forgot to mention this: Something doesn't look quite right
  3. Also: Astronaut: (don't recall the theme)
  4. Yeah, that's still missing, but just beign able to load the original scenarios with pre-existing rides is already a blast. There are a ton of small details that would need to be taken care of still (such as paths, types of trains, fruity-ices stall colouring, etc.), but hey, it's a start
  5. I don't know which update made this possible, but I wanna give a HUGE thanks to the devs for making original RCT1 scenarios "loadable" on openRCT2, in the name of the OpenRCT nostalgia lovers: THANKS A LOT!!!
  6. Guest 248 says: "I want to get off Mr. @X7123M3-256 Wild Ride" : D
  7. Hey mann, you plot on Crafts park was awesome , WELCOME TO THE FORUMS
  8. I wish I could add a little variety/world culture to this topic offering a song from my home country, but that ain't happening . And in the topic of epicness, I leave you with this: Or any videos of this channel TBH. And I enjoy a little Indie now and then sens.
  9. Here we have all Ehiopians greatest hits, including: -Big Dipper -Little Dipper -Racers -Sea Dragon -Flashback/Boomerang and -Log Flume
  10. Also, a big thanks to all developers, mods, admins, etc. Which are making all this possible.
  11. Hi to all, I'm Arthur (playing by the name of "Ruhtra") and I'm brazilian, and if you were playing on public servers the last couple months, there's a good chance you've bumped into me. I've been playing a lot of this game now and I'm getting along with everybody really well (at least I think I am ). Anyways, just wanted to say hi to everybody on this amazing forum full of amazing people playing this amazing game.
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