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  1. Using Object Selection through the console menu (grayed out in cheat menu for some reason), I select only North American Theming and Walls and Roofs. Certain pieces from the group will show up, but when I click they don't place. Only certain ones and it's random... Any thoughts?
  2. If you use invisible entrance, you end up with a grass square, or dirt etc between the ride and the closest tile. Would be nice if there was a paint or something for making the paths appear to go all the way to the ride.
  3. The version on iOS has RCT 1 scenarios and they seem to work fine with RCT 2 content
  4. Multiple types of test runs would slow down the opening, but that is what they do in real life. The number of test runs a coaster train makes each morning between maintenance checking and ride op testing is (should be) a high number. Ie) 5-6 runs per train before actual ride opening. So, I would think it would be cool to have two test buttons. One for "Block Checks" stopping a train in each section, and one in full operating mode. That way if you don't want to waste time on a block check, you don't have to, but if you want to make sure it gets all the way around, it is still an option.
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