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Show Limits for # of cars per train

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Before I begin, i should mention that this is very minor, so if it comes off more as a nitpick, I apologize.

Before the update that added in the cheat that enabled the use of up to 255 cars on a train, I originally liked how you could easily tell the maximum limit of cars for the current ride without directly closing the ride and changing the number thanks to the dropdown window system instead of the value-changing buttons.

So I was thinking of a way you could show the limit or perhaps use dropdowns when the cheat is off and value-changers is on?

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The reason for the change was that dropdown menus can't currently support more than 64 entries, but people wanted the limit set as high as possible.  I considered having a spinner with the cheat enabled and a dropdown if not, but I'd rather keep it consistent (and simpler). I agree with @Gymnasiast here - a tooltip is the easiest solution.

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@imlegos: Yes. I started on making that a while ago, but dropped it. I should pick it up again. The reason why I dropped it was because I wanted to do this for all spinners I could think of, but for some currencies the number is higher. Should be easy to work around though, I believe there's a boolean for this somewhere.

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On 5/9/2016 at 12:09, X7123M3-256 said:

The reason for the change was that dropdown menus can't currently support more than 64 entries

So I guess that explains why some cars are unavailable in the drop-down menu when "show cars from other track types" is checked... it's not our screen size, it's the menu size...

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To fix this problem with the car selection, how about: the first 63 menu slots are valid rides, while the 64th one says "load more train types". Clicking on this option will refresh the menu, this time displaying the next 63 train types (or at least up until you run out of track types.) Once the menu runs out of options, clicking the "load more train types" button would restart the menu with the first 63 train types.

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3 minutes ago, YoloSweggLord said:

I wish I knew how to code. I'm pretty quick at learning these things tho, is there a good place I can learn coding?

Just open the OpenRCT2 code (follow the steps on GH very closely, both 'how to build' and 'how to contribute') and fiddle around with it. That's the fastest way to learn coding ORCT2.

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My original idea for this was showing the default max number of trains/cars as a fraction alongside the current limit, so for example the image Nubble posted in GitHub would show each selection as 2/2 Trains and 6/6 Cars per Train. Going over the limit in the case of cars would only increase the first number while the second number remains at 6., while the Trains window drops in both numbers to show 1/1 once a certain number of cars have been passed.

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