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  1. My original idea for this was showing the default max number of trains/cars as a fraction alongside the current limit, so for example the image Nubble posted in GitHub would show each selection as 2/2 Trains and 6/6 Cars per Train. Going over the limit in the case of cars would only increase the first number while the second number remains at 6., while the Trains window drops in both numbers to show 1/1 once a certain number of cars have been passed.
  2. Usually, vomit in queue lines only really occur if a guest decides to be stupid and enter the queue while on the brink of vomiting. Form there it'll halt the entire line walking in the queue to blast open it's mouth and let loose puke before continuing down. Guests can't vomit if they're standing in the queue lines, which is why it's rare.
  3. I like this idea; it's easier than trying to memorize which items were selected across each scenario for sure.
  4. Ever since an update that was launched just recently, track designs now are set to open the Documents/OpenRCT2/Track folder instead of the tracks folder in the RCT2 install location, the latter of which I prefer since I'm trying to leave space open on my main HD.
  5. Before I begin, i should mention that this is very minor, so if it comes off more as a nitpick, I apologize. Before the update that added in the cheat that enabled the use of up to 255 cars on a train, I originally liked how you could easily tell the maximum limit of cars for the current ride without directly closing the ride and changing the number thanks to the dropdown window system instead of the value-changing buttons. So I was thinking of a way you could show the limit or perhaps use dropdowns when the cheat is off and value-changers is on?
  6. This ZIP contains two simple workbench scenarios that I made, with what I consider to be the most optimal selection of rides and scenery. Each scenario offers the same selection; differing only in the paths they contain (one with 15 of my custom pathways, the other with all the Vanilla and Time Twister pathways (plus the black tarmac path I made which for some reason I cannot remove even though there's no instance of it in the landscape) https://www.dropbox.com/s/cr1wp4xoveh42ho/SuperjustinbrosWorkbenchPack.zip?dl=0 The following rides/attractions are not present from your usual line
  7. Exactly; considering that not everyone will hate the same sounds. Takes the example I posted in the OP; this player may hate the sound of the Miniature Railroads, but I don't.
  8. Yesterday I went into a multiplayer server only to learn they didn't allow construction of a Miniature Railroad... because of how annoying they considered the train's sounds. This gave me the idea of being able to go into the Options menu and shutting off only specific sounds in the game, like for say the toilet flushing form a Bathroom.
  9. I know I'm late with the reply, but thank you two for the comments. I mostly wanted to experiment with the Pathmaker and all it's different features to make paths fit for certain park types. Like aquatic, disco, horror, ice, or tropical.
  10. Having the idea of adding/customizing presets sounds like a good idea. From the Options tab you could select either full randomization, default+custom presets, or a combination of the two. Then again if that did happen then the player would have to set presets for every flat ride, tracked ride, and stall in the game that allows the use of colors, though I'm sure it wouldn't take too long. Another idea I had was randomizing track and vehicle color presets between each other if randomization isn't enabled.
  11. This is more of something aesthetic than anything since it wouldn't really affect the gameplay all too much, plus I wouldn't call it an absolute necessity. Basically, it would add a setting in the Option menus that upon clicking it, any time a new ride is started on in-game, it will default to 100% random colors instead of one of several pre-set palettes specific to the ride. Trains' colors would be randomized as well, and would always be set to have "All Trains the same color", and the ride station platform would be Plain.
  12. I do not see any sort of "Location" tab on the dropdown menu that appears when I right click the My Documents folder from the "User" folder. That said, there isn't a way just to change the location where saved games are kept (either in the RCT2 install's files like vanilla RCT2 or the user's Documents folder)?
  13. To conserve space, I'd prefer to use the game data's folder (like the Infogrames folder which is on an external hard drive) to put my Saves as opposed to using the Documents folder on my main hard drive. However no matter what I do, the game always defaults to the Documents folder on my main hard drive as means of storing my saved games. Is there a way I can alter which folder the game defaults to (and imports/copies to) my saves?
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