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Let's discuss: profile pictures

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Everyone has a story behind their profile picture. What does it signify? Did you make it? Did someone make it for you?

Here I'll start:

I've been playing pokemon for several years now. My first time playing pokemon was probably when I was around 6 years old, when my brother got Diamond and Pearl. Ever since then I've played several of the other games in both the main story line and in the PMD series. A lot of them I played on emulators.

I've always been a fan of the eeveelutions, particularly the second gen. ones (umbreon more than espeon though). Sometime last year I started using paint.net (a program I learned to use in middle school) for memes, pictures, etc. I decided to make myself a profile picture of an umbreon, though I needed a base image to edit off of since I'm not very good at making original artwork. Using bulbapedia, I scoured through the movies, anime episodes, and trailers before deciding on an image from the anime, one of the season 2 episodes called "trouble's brewing":

Screenshot (55).png

The "editing" portion consisted of mapping out each of the separate components of the body (rings, eye, body shape) then removing the background. Then I gave it a black background and a fully black body (to remove the shading effects), and re-colored the rings and eyes to a much fuller color (the base picture was a bit grainy). I applied gaussian blurs to the rings, eye, and body. This is the end result:


If you have paint.net and want to see the separate layers of the images, here is the paint.net file:UProPic3SquareFixed38.pdn

I look forward to hearing about your guys' profile pics!

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I love the Assassin's Creed franchise very much, and whenever I imagine myself as an Assassin in a hood, I see myself probably having the 'Me Gusta' face. I use variations of the same general idea everywhere I go, and this is the one I'll use for here (hence the RCT landscape in the background :P

It's a very pointless idea, and that should tell you the amount of originality my brain has.

Yes, I am very interesting at parties, thanks for asking. 

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So far I've used these 3 here:


The left one has been my profile picture for many years (made about 7 years ago using the gamemaker sprite editor), but sometimes updating it won't hurt. You should be able to find the letters of my username in there. On another forum I used one made of terrain in Creeper World 3, the middle one is from Particle Fleet and the last one from the OpenRCT2 group park 2 (when it still was there :P). 

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My first profile image was obviously my MC skin's face. My current one is based on my dream TF2 Engineer loadout set (Only see-able is the Engineer's Cap and Jag. the rest of the cosmetics are Pocket Purrer and Tools of the Trade. The weapon set is Rescue Ranger and Wrangler)

TF2Craft Mash Success.png

Here is both characters in full. (Slightly hard too see, will probably do a new mock-up of it) The image was done before the buffing of the Jag, so the Southern Hospitality is shown instead. This image was also made in Paint.net using a screen cap from Gmod and MC

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I love Ethiopian food and at one of the four Ethiopian restaurants in NJ and my personal favorite there is a painting on the wall. That's where the name Sensual Ethiopian Police Brigade comes from. The current picture is Ethiopian folk art, as the only pictures I could get of the sensual Ethiopian were very low resolution.


sensual ethiopian.jpg

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I've been using my Mii as my profile icon since 4 years ago. Me and my brother first got a Wii when I was 8 in 2007 and now I have a Wii U since 2013 and a Nintendo 3DS Flame Red since 2011. Although I rarely play on both of these consoles these days because now I use my iPad mini 1 and my iPhone 5s to surf the web and browse the internet. Also, there is liquid inside of the screen so I have to find a place for people to repair my 3DS's screen. I had memories playing Wii Sports Resort, Mario Kart Wii, and more Wii games with my friends a long time ago. Good times. :)

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I'm a member of The American Coaster Enthusiasts and ride roller coasters everywhere. the club has an annual convention and conferences as well as events at parks around the world. I have a sued wide brimmed hat i wear everywhere. In one instance i wasn't wearing the hat and started talking to another member who said, "Oh! It's you! I didn't recognize you without the hat." So, an easy step to make an avatar with the RCT roller coaster icon wearing a wide brimmed hat.

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