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  1. It seems like this is a problem with your network or internet. Do other multiplayer games work fine?
  2. You can't run a gameserver (OpenRCT2 server) on regular webhosting. You'd need a VPS/dedicated server, host from your home or rent a gameserver.
  3. Thanks for letting me know. It has been resolved.
  4. @IntelOrca announced the support for plugins which should allow further customization for both single-player and multiplayer. All details can be found in this reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/rct/comments/g8nq60/openrct2_plugin_support_now_available/ I've also added a `Plugins` forum to the `Custom content` section to discuss and share plugins. https://forums.openrct2.org/forum/21-plugins/
  5. You could try to search for the builds on this GitHub page. https://github.com/Limetric/OpenRCT2-binaries/releases
  6. OpenRCT2 offers many improvements to the original game such as multiplayer support. There are plenty of videos on YouTube showcasing various new features and fixes.
  7. Odd that it works fine the other way around. But at least it works.
  8. As the pings seem to fail there are 2 problems that I can think of: - The network/wifi doesn't allow communication between devices. - One (or both) of the devices don't allow ICMP IPv4 pings, which is a firewall related thing. Changing this won't magically fix OpenRCT2 multiplayer but it does tell us if the machines can actually communicate or not.
  9. The last thing I could think of is making sure that you can ping both PCs. From 1 PC type `ping OTHER_IP_ADDRESS_HERE` in the command prompt/terminal and vice versa. Is it getting any replies? It's possible that the (WiFi) network that you're using refuses connection to other devices.
  10. Received `ipconfig` details. Seems ok. Could you try to launch OpenRCT2 twice on the same PC? In the first instance you start a server. And in the second instance you click `Add server` and type the network IP address and then try to connect to it. Does the connection work fine? Also, just to make sure: Whitelist (allow) the OpenRCT2 executable file in the Windows Firewall. Instructions on how to do so can be found here: https://www.thewindowsclub.com/block-program-firewall-windows-10
  11. If disabling both anti-virus and firewall didn't help, then it's probably not related to this issue. Could you post your AND your sisters PC `ipconfig` output? Or, for privacy, send me a private message about it? This should have no impact.
  12. Sounds like an odd issue. Are you sure you've properly opened the port in Windows Firewall as well? Another potential solution could be that the server binds to the wrong IP address. Make sure it binds to your local network IP address.
  13. That's quite a short introductions. Welcome to the community!
  14. For local network play you don't need to forward ports in your router. You basically need to find out your local IP address in your network. This can be easily found by typing `ipconfig` (Windows) or `ifconfig` (Linux/macOS) in the command prompt/terminal. It's the IP address your sister will need to connect to. I've attached a screenshot where my local IP address starts with `192.168.0.***`. Just type that in Quick Connect and you're good to go.
  15. The launcher, unfortunately, uses a hacky workaround to download builds from github. It's a somewhat different process than directly downloading the files from the openrct2.org website. I've raised this issue months ago, but the latest launcher update was in 2017 and I don't expect this to be fixed anytime soon. However, I'll look if I can change anything on my end in order to make the workaround function again.
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