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  1. Well, I've thoroughly embarrassed myself being a complete idiot. As was pointed out on Github I guess I had unchecked the ignore invention status cheat and not realized it (because I always leave it checked) so that's why some objects were not showing up. I'm really sorry for being such a complete idiot and wasting everyone's time.
  2. So just got back from some errands, ran the launcher and it did an update that must have been released in the last few hours, and the missing text issue appears to have been fixed, so we can dismiss that for now I suppose. The selected objects not being available for placing is still an issue, but now I'm assuming it's scenario based since it works sometimes in some scenarios and not in others. I have to think if it was a problem with the object's file in the game files it wouldn't work at all, not 50% of the time. So I'll have to investigate that further. Thanks for the help so far
  3. Some guys are trying to assist me on discord as well, but I'll post here as well for consistency. I made videos of the issues since that's easier than describing them. I went back to v0.1.3 7168fb1 and the object selection issue persists but I have all text. Here is an example: Then I updated through the launcher to the latest 0.1.3 bd5b137 and I lose object selection text as seen here: I'm running win7 64 bit ultimate, the GOG version of RCT2 deluxe (or whatever it's called that has the expansion packs included)
  4. Probably just me being incompetent somehow, but when I try to select walls or other certain objects using the object selection menu, they are not available in the scenery selection menu in the game. For example, I'm trying to select WALLMN32.DAT which is the wooden wall with the 3 posts that looks very similar to the log entrance style. It's a vanilla RCT2 object. About 50% of the scenarios if I click the checkbox for it, it's not available from the scenery object menu in the game. I've tried backdating all the way to the 1.2.0 stable release and the problem persists. Here's the kicker, t
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