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  1. nevermind... now for some reason i can't go past bare minimum on how many cars i can have and my ratings are still mediocre, nobody rides anything no matter the ratings, and everyone still immediately wants to go home. i think i'm just gonna skip this map lol
  2. i never can get financially stable and no matter what i build the guests just feel like going home immediately (this isn't a problem or anything im just making fun of how much of a noob i am)
  3. Sen

    Undo Button?

    I think an undo button would be pretty nice, like if you accidentally deleted your entire food court with the bulldozer tool (like my friend did). You should be able to press it unlimited times, unlike Mario Paint where you can just press it once, as if you just placed a bunch of paths by accident.
  4. One of my friends is trying to install OpenRCT2, but they have a mac. They installed the base game with Porting Kit, but when OpenRCT2 asks for the files he doesn't know where they are, and I can't find them either. Has anyone installed the game in the same way, and if so, any help?
  5. Thanks for the help, took me a while to find the port forward settings, but I found them, and while I haven't tested it yet, I think it should work.
  6. Can someone make a detailed guide on how to create a server and have friends join it? We've tried a lot of things, and looked up instructions, but didn't find anything useful. (Also sorry if this is in the wrong sub-forum or something, this was just the most fitting place I could find to put this)
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