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  1. Oh, RCT mechanics!!! I'm sorry for these useless threads but I never knew these things existed. I always knew to cover the tracks going UP but down? No. I covered the whole 2nd drop and not having problems now, but still doesn't make sense to me. I guess I haven't been playing as much as I thought. Thanks again
  2. Ran into another potential problem with the Dinghy slide crashing. Not sure if this is something new, but I've been playing RCT since the original came out and never encountered this problem before. After a "small" steep drop I used a gentle slope piece and then a flat piece (in the original scenario it was going under another coaster so had to do it this way for clearance.) It tests fine, but when riders get on, it crashes on the soft slope piece. I uploaded an image where this is occurring. Is this something new or has Dinghy slide always been this way? I've tried using both the open &a
  3. Doh, I haven't noticed the virtual floor before and I don't recall clicking on it in previous versions so thought it was a problem! About the Six-seater train, it looks like it's supposed to be specifically for the Vertical Drop coaster (didn't the old ones have 4-seats?) Twister Trains threw me off at first. The "ride name" in research was "Six-seater Twister Trains." I thought I was getting the Twister coaster at least, but no. It'll take some getting used to. I guess I don't really have any problems then.
  4. Using the lastest stable build: 0.1.2-master-0e7c0f7 Running Windows 7. When I hold shift to raise a beginning track piece, ride, or stall, I get a large selection of purple blocks obscuring my view as I try to raise it. Also noticed "Six-seater Twister Trains" was next in line for my Research when playing Amity Airfield. The ride ended up being the Vertical Drop coaster. Noticed the different names were not just for this, but why the name change/discrepancy for ride type versus car/train type? It's confusing for those of us used to the "normal" way of things. More inte
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