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  1. This is the procedure I use for lowering/raising stuff: Note down the index of the ride whose track to be lowered (use "rides list" in the console). Open /src/rct2/S6Importer.cpp and locate game_load_sv6 Any code inserted at the end of that function will run after scenario load. You can use map_element_iterator_begin and map_element_iterator_next to iterate over all available map elements. Look for track pieces that belong to that ride, and subtract 1 from the base height and clearance height. If the code you've written will crash if the target ride isn't found (not the case for this hack, but for some others), you can skip loading the title sequence by passing the SV6 file directly on the command line. It is often helpful to do this on a seperate branch and commit the changes - if you want to redo the hack later, you don't have to rewrite the code. Sometimes, I put the code in src/interface/console.c and add a new command - it is not necessary for a simple hack like this, but for things like loading a heightmap from an image, it's convenient to be able to rerun the code without reloading the park. If it would be helpful to be able to select the target elements with the mouse, the place to put the code is in the tile inspector.
  2. I love the layout - but you really want to lower that wooden coaster track you used for the catwalk 1 unit, so it doesn't glitch so badly. It's a shame there's no straightforward way to do this in OpenRCT2.
  3. Did you change the operating mode to boat hire? In testing, I found that changing the operating mode will cause this, but track merging alone does not. The splash boats and log flumes have the available number of trains counted differently to many other rides - it is dependent on total track length rather than station length. Switching to boat hire mode makes it require that all trains can fit in the station, as is the case for the boat rides. It seems strange to me that the choice of operating mode affects this, but it seems that it does. I am not sure if this would be considered a bug, but there is a straightforward workaround - don't change the operating mode. The only advantage of boat hire over continuous circuit for this ride is that it makes the merge a bit easier to perform - they otherwise behave identically.
  4. X7123M3-256

    New Pacifica

    Flat rides are very limited compared to tracked rides - almost everything is hardcoded. The biggest limitations are the small base sizes - most flat rides will not fit in the space, and some of the flat rides included in the game are far smaller than they should be (e.g the top spin and roto-drop). The other severe limitation is that you can't change the animation sequence, and there are very few provided by the game - and where a suitable animation does exist it often doesn't have enough frames for what you want to do. That's not to say there aren't any flat rides that could be done well, but I don't think there's enough of them to justify adding support for flat rides to my program. I would like to see a revamped object format that would treat flat rides and shops as seperate object types and make them more flexible, with the base size and animation sequence in the DAT file rather than hardcoded, but that's a long way off. For now, I build flat rides out of hacked tracked rides with bits and pieces made invisible. It's awkward and the result often doesn't look great, but if you want a ride in the right proportions it's often the only option at the moment.
  5. You're using a 64 bit build. 64 bit code cannot call into the original 32 bit code, so all code from the vanilla game is removed in the 64 bit builds. That is mostly drawing code, so you will find that most coaster tracks are missing. Until all the original code has been reimplemented, you have to stick with 32 bit x86 if you want the full functionality.
  6. Should be on the stats page. Your ride needs to be tested and have all stats before you can save, with or without scenery. The save button is a dropdown, so you have to click and hold to get the "save with scenery" option. Then you select the scenery objects that should be included by clicking on them, and/or by clicking the "select nearby scenery button". There are known issues with saving designs that are very spread out, built high in the air, or have large numbers of scenery items. I suspect this is a limit inherent to the save format, but I do not know for sure. The roller coaster designer is a sandbox for designing rollercoasters. The track design manager just lists your track designs and lets you rename/delete them. I think I've used the latter maybe twice in all the time I've played RCT2. There isn't supposed to be, there wasn't in vanilla either. The rollercoaster designer is really a feature of vanilla that was never removed; now that you can access the object selection window in game it is pretty much redundant. I mostly use the coaster designer as a quick way to test new trains, since it takes fewer clicks to open than a scenario. I rarely use it for designing tracks - I do that in a blank park so I can add scenery.
  7. X7123M3-256

    New Pacifica

    The B&M wing coaster will give 12% higher excitement than a B&M sitdown with the same stats, but it also has much higher friction. Without this effect the excitement would be about 10.5, which is still very high.
  8. There is no way to allow more stations without a new file format, this is a hardcoded limit.
  9. There is as yet no MOM in OpenRCT2 so you can't do it that way. But the principle is the same - if two tracks overlap on the same tile with at the same direction and elevation, they will merge. In OpenRCT2, you can merge tracks in this way directly with clearance checks disabled - you do not need to build a non-intersecting track and then move it (that will still work, but OpenRCT2 doesn't have a cheat to do it). I made this tutorial on zero clearance and track merging some time ago - you might find it useful. This was made on 0.03 stable, so the interface will look different and some features are missing. It does not cover how to do a merge on a ride with block sections, which is a severe limitation.
  10. Yes, you've pointed it at the wrong directory. You need to select the directory where you installed vanilla RCT2, not OpenRCT2. The correct directory should contain the rct2.exe executable and the subdirectories. "ObjData" and "Data". The g1.dat file should be inside the "Data" folder. Do not select the installer for RCT2 (as some have tried to do) - you need to point it at the actual installation. Search your computer for "rct2.exe" if you are not sure where this is. g2.dat contains extra sprites added by the OpenRCT2 project and isn't present in vanilla. If you see that, you're looking in the wrong place.
  11. I believe the OpenGL renderer was started as a result of the lighting effects - they were too slow when software rendered, so hardware acceleration is needed. But the OpenGL renderer is still slower than the software one for me, at least it was when I last tested it.
  12. Track merging is already supported, has been ever since zero clearance was implemented. You just build the two tracks so they overlap by one piece, and make sure the piece the train is to leave by is first on the tile. This is, I presume, how it worked in 8Cars (at least, it's what most tutorials I've seen on doing it in 8Cars say to do). Again, this is already implemented. The only thing ParkDat does that OpenRCT2 doesn't is automatically removing all unused objects (but you can filter objects by unused which makes it pretty quick to deselect them all). You can still use ParkDat with OpenRCT2 if you want to, but I don't - it's easier done in game.
  13. I no longer have ParkDat to check (OpenRCT2 does basically everything I used it for now), but the scenario text files all have names beginning with STEX. If you see one of those in, deselect it and you should be able to change the scenario name. If it's opened in OpenRCT2, the AI will be OpenRCT2's (which should be more or less the same, but has a few extra features and a few more bugs). There is (AFAIK) no way to tell if a park was saved in vanilla or OpenRCT2 (unless it uses OpenRCT2 only features) - the game doesn't change it's behaviour when loading a park from vanilla. It should be possible to get rid of everything and have just the landscapes, it's just that these parks can be a bit unstable is all, so I wouldn't be too surprised if they crash. I do not usually have problems editing these maps, but doing certain things may cause problems. Double closing all rides first will reset a lot of hacks and remove stray vehicles - that may help. If the game crashes, it's a bug either way - it is supposed to handle hacked maps gracefully, and it's improved a lot since the project started. I was going to give a specific example of something that would crash the game, but all the ones I knew about have since been fixed, so that's something. If you're having problems with a specific park I can have a look at it - I can if necessary run it under a debugger to find out where the crash occurs.
  14. Cable lift is a clever way around it, I didn't think of that one. Only works if the lift is straight out of the station, however - you couldn't do Takabisha this way because the lift is mid-circuit.
  15. X7123M3-256

    Group Park 4

    This doesn't seem like a clear definition to me. The impulse coaster can make a 90 degree turn on a single tile (as can the twister, hyper twister, and many other "large" coasters), but it cannot make all the standard wild mouse designs. But then, neither can the spinning wild mouse, wooden wild mouse, or inverted hairpin coaster, as they all lack sloped turns. I'm not sure if there is any default coaster other than the wild mouse itself that can build all the same layouts.
  16. Users on NE use trainers very heavily. Trainers cause this sort of corruption - that's why you're likely to encounter problems with these parks that you won't get with parks elsewhere. These parks are not really intended to be edited - if you try to edit them, it can be very easy to accidentally do something that crashes the game, as many of these hacks are quite delicate. Hacked parks can end up corrupting the games memory or invoking undefined behaviour, and some people don't seem to care. It wasn't that long ago that OpenRCT2 was unable to open those parks at all because of this. I have downloaded the park you linked - I can reproduce both the issues you mention. The first, I am not sure the cause of - resizing the map can be temperamental because it removes map elements from the map, and if something else then tries to reference the missing element, it can cause a crash. I expect it is probably a bug somewhere, but would need to investigate a bit more before reporting it as such. The second issue, however, is not a bug and it has nothing to do with trainers or where the park was downloaded from. You can't change the park or scenario name because the map has a scenario text file loaded, and this overrides those fields with the text in the file. Any park built on a default scenario will have this - if you want to change the name, you have to unload the scenario text file in the object selection (which is possible in OpenRCT2, but wasn't in vanilla), and then you can change the name. Scenario text files are used to provide multilingual support - the scenario editor only lets you enter the name in one language. I have only seen these used on default scenarios, but custom ones can be created.
  17. Here's all the coasters I can think of that have a mid ride launch - that is, at any point after the first lift, launch, or significant element (I did not count rides with a turn or pre-show between the station and launch). This doesn't include coasters such as White Dragon in the Sky that make multiple passes through the first launch, nor shuttle coasters that run multiple circuits (like Impulse coasters). It's probably not an exhaustive list. Maverick Taron Cheetah Hunt Helix Manta (the Mack one, not the B&M) Volcano: The Blast coaster Full Throttle Verbolten Mission Ferrari (what the hell is this thing, it looks like T Rex track but it's not, and it has 5 launches?) The following coasters have both a lift and launch. This is harder to handle in RCT2 than multiple launches, because you can't use a hacked chain lift. In fact, I don't know if there's any way to do it other than a shoestring. Takabisha Fluch von Novgorod Powder Keg Maverick (depending on whether you count the first hill as a lift or launch)
  18. I believe the OpenRCT2 project does aim to support RCT1 file formats but this is a bit fragile at the moment; not everything is imported properly, some parks don't load at all, and various RCT1 features are still missing. Therefore, if you want to play RCT1 scenarios, it's probably best to download the recreations, available here. These are RCT2 scenarios made to match the originals as closely as possible; there will be some differences.
  19. You got ultra-extreme on a splash boats? Normally that sort of rating is only seen on large coasters. Then again, I've lately learned that you can get so much bonus for scenery and landscaping almost anything can get an excitement in the high 9s if you really go for it. Nonetheless, as I pointed out above, if you want to make the lift faster use the "allow chain lift on all track sections" cheat. Making it so you could adjust lift speed on the splash boats without that cheat would do nothing, since there is no lift on the splash boats unless you use that cheat.
  20. The only significant difference between the cracked versions of RCT2 and the official copies is that the disk check is patched out. I doubt this affects the saved files in any way - it could be as little as replacing a 0x74 opcode with 0x90. If you are getting error trappers, it's more likely to be a result of 8Cars or other trainers, as many such tools can corrupt the game's memory. OpenRCT2 does aim to support hacked files, though, so you can probably report it as a bug if you find a park you can't open that works in vanilla. I'm afraid this might be my doing. I've updated my DAT files several times, using the same name each time. The assumption was that if someone had an older version, the newer one wouldn't be installed automatically because the DAT file headers are identical, but I think it does get installed anyway. I've now got about 3 copies of most of my DATs now and I'm not sure where they came from if not from opening parks that were made with an older version. However, since the object code was refactored this should be fixed in OpenRCT2 - I believe it will not install a new object if another object of the same name exists, even if they differ. Another possible source could be WW/TT objects that have been modified to make them exportable - but I think these usually use a different name, and they invariably have a different checksum, so I doubt they would cause a problem.
  21. What do you mean the game's scenarios would be broken with boosters? The game already has many launched rides, it just does it super unrealistically. The only ride I know of for which the game's launch is satisfactory is the Arrow launched loop - for everything else, a hacked chain lift is necessary. I'm not sure what this has to do with scenarios, or the ability to invent track pieces (which did need to be removed - just about the only situation in which it might apply is the Arrow looper, which could have a large loop invented at a later date). I don't know why the launch piece was omitted from the game, but I doubt there's anything about RCT2 that would have made it difficult - I'm sure if CS had wanted to keep it, he could have done it. Many rides could really do with a launch piece - I hope it is possible to add it one day.
  22. You complain about the limited track pieces on the Mini Suspended Flying coaster and the Arrow single rail designs, but those are limited in real life. They could do with diagonals, but that's the only real omission. Same for the wooden wild mouse - they should probably have block brakes, but only because surviving examples will have had them retrofitted - they would not have had them when they were built because they hadn't been invented yet. You can make realistic designs with all of these coasters without too much difficulty. The impulse coaster is the same - you are absolutely right that you're limited to a handful of different layouts - but there are exactly 4 different impulse coaster layouts IRL, all minor variations on the same idea, so what would you expect? (It'd be nice if a more general Intamin invert were provided, since the trains are essentially identical - and you could argue that it doesn't need to be a seperate coaster given the similarity, but for an impulse coaster the provided pieces are really all that's needed) The S&S thrust air and TOGO pipline though, I agree those are too limited to be useful. The only thrust air layout you can build is a recreation of the prototype, and without an elevator lift (which would be very hard to implement), the pipeline is useless. Also, I don't know what's going on with the reverse freefall coaster. You say it has a launch piece, but it actually doesn't - that's just a normal flat track piece so far as I can tell. What the reverse freefall coaster does have is a special operating mode that causes the train to accelerate constantly until it hits a slope - but that operating mode only seems to work on reverse freefall track. Even though it isn't a special track piece, there is definitely a special case here. It's interesting, and with some hacking I'm sure this could be used to achieve a launch on a different coaster type - but it's pointless because chain lifts work better and are more flexible for this purpose. I'd love a genuine launch piece though - that would be useful.
  23. As I said last time this feature was suggested, this is down to an interesting quirk of the splash boats (and log flume) - they don't actually have a lift hill. The game considers these powered rides - what looks like the lift is just the standard uphill slope piece for that track type. You will see this if you use the cheat to put a coaster train on that track - it will not climb the lift, it will just roll back. This also means that if you use a cheat to make a splash boat train of more than 1 car or build a steeper incline, the boats are unable to climb it at all. Therefore, there are two ways to speed up the splash boats - you can either use the "Allow chain lifts on all track pieces" to make the track an actual lift hill, at which point the trains will climb at the speed the lift is set to (though I don't think you can adjust lift speed for rides which don't normally have a lift - this was an oversight when that cheat was implemented and should probably be fixed), or you can edit the speed and acceleration values for the vehicle (there is no cheat to do this, I implemented one but it was not merged). This latter method is difficult to get right, can be unstable and will reset if the ride is closed, so I would prefer the first unless you want the boats to go faster on level track as well.
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