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  1. hey if is in the wrong category im sorry i dont know but can you change your username on this site? because i just changed my name on other places and i wonder if i can change it here, because my email is the same. if you cant then i have to change my name back on all the sites and that will take a bit because i change alot of them
  2. it fixed itself when i started the server again but thanks
  3. I can't build any rides, and it just says "WARNING!". Please help, video below (this only happens when I host a server):
  4. @Asriel I have encountered this problem before, try installing the 2 texture packs; Wacky Worlds and Time Twister. You can buy these at places like Amazon, Walmart, etc. If that doesn't work, please direct to your OpenRCT2 installation and open "openrct2,com" (not a link). If the game starts as normal, join a server you normally can't join and take a screenshot of the .com file.
  5. If this was locked, they would have 3 options: 1. Read a solution comment of this thread. The solution is to install EXPANSION PACKS (not always, but that worked for me). It's as simple as that. 2. Make their own topic. (best option) 3. Deal with it. This problem has been solved since Aug 2017. If this won't be locked, I will no longer reply to it.
  6. thanks SO MUCH ive been stuck on that for AGES you got a reaction
  7. Same problem, not using opengl. It only occurs when I zoom out as far as I can, though.
  8. Thanks for the help. As for this, I have requested a lock. Thanks! This thread may not be locked. If it isnt, I will no longer reply to it.
  9. Let me give you A BETTER explanation of what happened. So as I did, I had 2 computers (one of which (computer 2) has a cd drive) I put in the disc on computer 2 and as well as a usb flash drive. Then I copied all of the files from the installer disc onto the usb flash drive. Then I put the flash drive in computer 1 and installed
  10. Thanks for the help. As for this, I have requested a lock. Thanks!
  11. help!!!! my name is ultimater in game but whenever i host my server it says its joel, its stuck and WILL not change i deleted everything and re installed the game and even changed config.ini in documents nothing worked so please help
  12. I left the computer on at the menu for a while and this just started happening.
  13. This actually happened to me with footpath before. I tried to place a staircase but it was a ghost footpath and guests wouldn't walk on it. Trying to replace it did nothing. I downloaded a newer version and this was fixed (Windows7SP1)
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