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  1. The one in program files is for the game data (executable, non-vanilla asset files etc), and the other is for user data (saves, track designs, custom objects etc).
  2. This thread is from 2018. 0.0.7 is a really old version (from 2017). The Mac version requirement was increased when the plugin system is merged - if the current release doesn't work I would see if 0.2.6 does, as that's the last release without it.
  3. This is normal. In Factory Capers you have construction rights for all of the surrounding land.
  4. The object selection lists the vehicle types you have - the hybrid track won't appear there unless you have a train type that uses it (which you won't, because none has been created yet). At the moment, you need to use the arbitrary ride type cheat to use the track. It is listed as "Hybrid Coaster" in the arbitrary ride type menu.
  5. You want RCT2 (and optionally RCT1). Although OpenRCT2 can work with RCT Classic, it is a bit more awkward to set up IIRC and I'm not sure if all of the assets are supported yet.
  6. To make a path invisible to the player, you can either use the tile inspector to hide the footpath, or you can use a custom invisible footpath object. Neither of these has any effect on guest pathfinding. If you want a path that guests can't use, you can either make it so it's not connected to the rest of the path, or use a scenery object that looks like path but isn't. This is default behaviour, if you have a wide path the guests will ignore most of it and the AI treats the path as single wide. If you go to "Show wide paths" in the debug options, it will show you which of your pa
  7. There's a tool called the object editor that most people use, I can't say much about it because I've never used it. With the new JSON object format, this tool isn't strictly necessary - you can create objects with just a text editor and an image editor - but JSON objects cannot yet be exported in save files. I haven't seen much in the way of tutorials on making custom scenery, if you ask on NE I'm sure someone there would know if one exists.
  8. There are no sprites for queues with junctions. I'm sure you could make some, but what would you want them for and how would you expect peeps to behave upon encountering one?
  9. IIRC, this is a known issue that happens when there's been an update but the binary build isn't available yet. You should still be able to play if you invoke OpenRCT2 directly, the launcher should work again when the new build is available.
  10. This is the result of a change made to the clearance boxes of the vertical loops. These prebuilts violate the new clearances, but you should be able to place the tracks with "Disable clearance checks" enabled. @Fred-104has made altered versions of these prebuilts which will work with the new clearances.
  11. In game, I don't think there's a way (although this feature has been requested before), but the quick and dirty way is to open the TD6 file in a text editor. You'll see the scenery object names in there amongst all the garbage.
  12. It definitely should work, as should the demo. Innoextract is for extracting the files from the installer without running - if you have the game working on Windows then you already have the files you need and you just need to copy them over. This sounds like the problem may not be missing files - if you start the game from the terminal does it print any output?
  13. You may want to post this on the OpenRCT2 discord as well, as this forum isn't very active these days.
  14. It does, which is why it hasn't been done yet and won't be until the new save format is merged. The limits are already raised on the new save format branch, but I don't know if they are yet raised to the point where you could have everything; I think it is currently 255 objects of each type. Also, if you want to help with development on this here's the PR. In your opinion.
  15. You don't, really. If you click on the object, it will show you the in game description, but that's often pretty vague and if there's no image in the database, the only way to see what the object looks like is to download it and view it in game. For this reason, the NE database is almost useless for finding new custom scenery - it is mostly useful if you know the name of the object you need and are just looking for a download link (for example, when you are trying to open a save file that is missing objects*). You can search it, but because most objects have only short descriptions this isn't
  16. The red X just means the database lacks a preview image for the object. It doesn't meant the object doesn't have one, and the object is still available to download. The website lacks code to extract preview images from object files so this must be done manually for the object to display a thumbnail; otherwise it just shows the red "X". Most of the preview images that are in the database were added by me using a script, but my access has long expired so anything added within the last couple of years has no preview image.
  17. Actually it says the issue has already been fixed, so updating to the latest develop should solve the problem.
  18. This short video shows how to do it. It's a bit convoluted as the feature is only accessible via the title sequence editor, and the ability to use it in game wasn't really intended, but you can do it.
  19. Because it doesn't take account of the distance it has to travel. You get that message if the train takes longer than a certain amount of time to return to the station, which means that if you have a ride with a very long duration you might get that message even if the train isn't actually stuck. The best option is to keep the path layout very simple - a grid usually works. The AI isn't very smart and figuring out what's causing a particular issue is often difficult - if I get that message I usually try to identify where the guests are getting stuck and where they're trying to g
  20. No it isn't, you can open a TD6 with vanilla RCT2. It only needs to be an SV6 file if the ride is hacked or uses terrain in a way that would make it impossible to place down.
  21. You mean like this?. That is what @jensj12is referring to, but contrary to what he said, you don't technically have to make a title sequence to use it. It's possible to lock the camera in game by opening the title sequence editor via the options menu - although this usage was almost certainly not intended and is a bit awkward, it does work and that is what I used for the linked video.
  22. If you have "export plug-in objects with saved games" checked in the options, the custom objects will be included in the SV6 file and installed automatically (if the user does not have them already). If this option is not checked, they need to be installed separately. This does save on file size but generally makes it much harder for someone else to open the file especially if there are a lot of custom objects - I recommend always exporting parks you plan to share.
  23. PR is short for "Pull Request". A PR is a request for changes to be merged into the develop build. Usually the PR needs to be reviewed before it is merged, to make sure the code style is consistent and that it doesn't introduce further problems.
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