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  1. Try this. It is a full tiled tarmac. If you need a different color tarmac or entrance tile let me know. JB-ROAD2.DAT
  2. Welcome aboard Nightshade. Stick around and you will learn a thing or three and someone is always around to try and answer questions.
  3. I have never posted one of the parks I created, played and finished before, so here goes. The basic landscape for this park came from a park I downloaded in 2002 from a SV4 file. The original park name was kept in recognition of the person who created it. I scraped off everything except base land, cleared out the dats I didn't need or want and started from there. You will, if you pay attention, notice that several of the rides are right from the box. I used them that way because they served my purpose and I saw no need to modify them or try and disguise them. Additional scenery was added to en
  4. Go into your virus protection and quarantine the file (OpenRCT2.exe) that it is trying to delete. Norton is very bad about this they refuse to make an exception for our file.
  5. I have often wondered when making my parks if the amount of up and down heights to which the peeps have to walk affects the peeps comfort levels. What I mean do their happiness, energy, hunger and thirst levels change quicker on more hilly terrain than on flat terrain. The weather changes their thirst levels. Has anyone ever built two parks, one hilly and one flat both of which have the same rides in the same places and checked this out? Just wondering!
  6. Go to the first page of the editor (the one where you select the rides, etc.) Click on the scroll (scenario description) and uncheck any checked box. Having one of these boxes checked automatically sets both the park and scenario names.
  7. If I may interject here. Keep in mind that if you like really like the landscape I don't imagine that @BlazingEmpireHD would mind you changing the goal to something else OR better yet finish the beginning goal and set another one. The possibilities are endless. I personally have used several of your maps but changed the goals. Heigel Highlands - made the park smaller (585,530) - $0 loan and $450,000 park value and Meadowlark Valley to 853,930 - $0 loan and $500,000 park value. I am not a huge fan of large, take the whole landscape to build a park scenarios, I find it more challenging to
  8. @AirplaneRandy there is a round-a-bout way of save a previously built structure. Select car ride and build a car ride around the outside of the building. Test drive it using 1 car then save the ride with scenery and select any scenery you wish to keep including surrounding items. Give it a name then when you need in the future, place the ride and then delete the track. I have built about a dozen different flat ride covers of different sizes and shapes.
  9. In the future if you want to upload additional parks I would suggest to do what @X7123M3-256 said. Go to the wrench page of the options menu and make sure that "Export plug-in objects with saved games" is checked then simply upload the saved game for everyone to see. That way ANY custom and other dat that someone doesn't have will be automatically uploaded when they open the game. Then if they want play that scenario then can simply convert the saved game to a scenario.
  10. You have a small problem with several of your packs. Four of your paths are custom and only one of which (pathtilb) is at nedesigns. Please post "pathtred", "pathspcr", "pathtile" and "pathtilb" for those that don't have them.
  11. Click on View Details, then select restore. That should solve the problem.
  12. How many guests are removed when "Explode" is selected?
  13. I did some more digging and managed to get on a site where Norton people were answering questions about this very thing, It seems they (Norton) created this and added in extras to "correct possible future problems". By the number of complaints on this it is a real issue. Companies which write their own code (and there were a bunch) and use Norton are having their files either deleted or quarantined. Several have threatened that if this doesn't get fixed they will go elsewhere for their protection. One Norton rep wanted this one company to submit copies of all its file to a given web address so
  14. I have been away since November (double lung replacement) and haven't played the game since then. When I started the game after it added the newest version my virus software gave me a prompt that it was looking at a file. The game eventually did load (it took several minutes). It took several more minutes for the virus message tell me it had removed the virus. Clicking on it to view the results I was presented with the message below. Basically what it says it found virus Heur.AdvMLB in OpenORT2 at c:\users\user\documents\openrct2\bin\openrct2.com. It then removed that file. When I go to that l
  15. CharlieP

    Group Park 5

    @SpiffyJack you have my heart felt condolences. I know how you feel, I lost 2 very close friends in Vietnam many years ago and still think about them and visit their graves at least once a year.
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