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  1. Great idea to have competitive multiplayer in this game. but it's require new save format first before they add it in this game.
  2. I Have downloaded openrct2 develop 0.0.8 i want to update to 0.0.8 And Anti Virus software has remove the installer! I Have Norton security Anti virus software
  3. Updated, i remove SVN, thank you for suggesting that's.
  4. Hello guy! I Will show you how to Clone Source Code into VS 2017 the OpenRCT2 For Windows if you like help out developing Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. Requirements Github Account Visual Studio 2017 - Community or Professional or Enterprise Fork OpenRCT2 in Github Knowledge in C++ IDA or OllyDbg Are Optional Visual C++ Redistributable How to Clone Source Code For VS 2017 OpenRCT2 With Step 1. Open Visual Studio 2017 from your desktop. 2. Click Team Explorer and click connect with github. 3. You will need to sign in with github account. 4. You will have to need to fork OpenRCT2 by going to https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2 with your github account. 5. Click Fork Button and wait for fork, and will be added form your github profile 6. Back to OpenRCT2 Github, Click Clone or Download Button 7. Click Open in Visual Studio 8. Enjoy! Make sure you read readme.md in Solution Explorer Before Developing.
  5. Hello. I Starting connecting another server and it start freeze a game if downloading map done. I Went on the log then there a warnings I Tried to update build and it still get I Using build: 1688
  6. harrysbird


    VSync Mean if enabled in-game the frame rate drops below the monitor's refresh rate, the frame rate fluctuates wildly, causing visible stuttering. if disabled in-game, screen tearing is observed when the frame rate exceeds the refresh rate of the display (120 frames per second on a 60Hz display, for example).
  7. harrysbird


    You should add Sync in option menu so the frame rate drop below the monitor's refresh rate that make a game better
  8. I Have roller coaster tycoon 2 Triple Thrill Pack on it
  9. I tried to open a load game file and it say: Unable to load file... Requires an Add-On Pack Export plugin objects with saved games is on and never work Harrysbird Park Sandbox.sv6
  10. Your should add Multiplayer Feature Server CommandsIn Game Server Commands:OP Commands:Ban (Player name) (Temp/Permanent) if Temp (Time) (Reason) - Able to ban other player from your server and other player can lead to a main menuunban (Player name) - Unban other player from your serverBanip (IP) (Temp/Permanent) if Temp (Time) - Able to ban other player ip from your server so multi account can't get onunbanip (IP) - Unban other player ip from your serverKick (Player name) (Reason) - Able to kick other player from your server and other player can lead to a main menuWarn (Player name) (Message) - Warn player who breaking a server rulesOp (Player name) - Promote to opDeop (Player name) - Demote to memberCheckip (Player name) - Check a ipbroadcast (Message) - Broadcast all player from your serversetrules (Rule Number) (Message) - Set a rules from your serverdelrules (Rule Number) - Delete a one rules per messageMember Command:rules - check a rules so other player can read a rules if new player come onlist - List of commandsmsg (player name) (Message)
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