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  1. Because of the hunderdeds of guests that are entering your park at almost the same time. They're not happy because it's too crowded. But with smaller groups this would be less of a problem and park ratings are going up faster (if not cheated that is).
  2. Hi everyone The cheat option 'big group' where you have 700 guests or so more in your park. Make that a dropdown menu with 3 or 4 options like '8 Cars Trainer' has: Little, medium, large, huge or something? I think that would be a great extra feature! What's your opinion? Greetz
  3. Thanks for answering. The problem that I got was changing the 'rendering engine' option, I had it set to openGL. That crashed my game. But It's fixed now.
  4. Older versions doesn't work either.
  5. Hi everyone, After installing and opening OpenRCT2 it gives me a black screen and a white box. I can't figure it out how to fix thiis issue. (see image) Hopefully somebody can help me with this? It worked previous times but now it doesn't. Greets
  6. Hi all,I've a question about the AI of the peeps ?If the game is completely standalone isit then possible to make a smarter AI maybe ?That would be awesome!!!Greetings,zionmees
  7. zionmees

    Group Park 2

    hi,if you're going to use custom scenery I recommend to play with the 2 expansion packs ;)about custom scenery:If you have enough experience in buidling scenery with custom themes I would suggest you could use themes that use small blocks, bits and pieces etc.. like lampies theme packs or something like that so you can make various things with it.For large objects ? I don't really know but maybe just use something from rct2 original.About Scenery Layout ?What do you mean ?how the park is going to look like or .... ?Kind Regards,zionmees
  8. zionmees

    Custom Music ?

    yes I was also thinking about that too to have mp3 wav ogg in a folder to use :D
  9. zionmees

    Custom Music ?

    Hi all,An idea for a feature maybe ?Adding mp3 or ogg files in the game of your liking ? Something like RCT3.That would be awesome :D
  10. @Broxzier Yeah It's really nice to have that :D@imlegos Not the object selector from scenario editor but from this: http://i.imgur.com/XXMipPe.png NOTE: Yellow is where the search bar could be ;)
  11. Ideas I've got...1) A search bar, to search for objects and scenery?2) Add/Swap themes, paths, attractions like in the scenario editor. http://i.imgur.com/1IVeTaP.png OR just select everything what you need without limitations ?
  12. Yeah it's strange that sometimes my game is crashing but for now no crashes so I'm happyAnd hopefully there gonna fix the limitation soon :)
  13. I wander if they're using multidimensional arrays/vectors ?If someone does have knowledge of IT then they knowwhat an array means :)Couldn't this be an anwser for the limitations ?
  14. alrighty then, the links tag doesn't work :/Here are the links:1) http://i.imgur.com/KELaRNH.png2) http://imgur.com/cPy3gpBWeird
  15. Hi everyone,I'm new here but I've played a lot with openRCT and I've madereally awesome things :DBut I've got an idea:The mountain tool is a nice addon but when I use it likethe pictures below then something strange happens :(1) 2) So maybe make an checkbox or button or somethingthat ignores the edges of higher plateau/land.
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