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  1. hpg

    Console addition?

    Perfect! You guys rock.
  2. hpg

    Console addition?

    Would it be possible to add a 'rotation' or 'angle' variable to set the map's rotation via the console? I'm trying to make a time-lapse by taking screenshots of sequential save files and this would make it much easier to automate since all of the screenshots need to be at the same angle.
  3. hpg

    Footpath connection view

    I guess there is something of a workaround for this that's at least faster than the tile inspector. Turn on height marks on paths and hover over the numbers as if you're placing a bench on the path. If a ghost bench appears as you hover, that part of the path is disconnected. So if you hover over a section of path and a bench appears somewhere that's supposed to be connected, you've found a missing connection.
  4. Really liking how this project has been progressing. I wish I could comment from experience as I've never been able to visit Knoebels yet, but I'm definitely feeling the family park atmosphere. I know from NE that you were concerned about the large building for the pool but seeing it in context here I think it actually works rather well. I have mixed feelings about that gear on top though--I'm guessing that's intended as HVAC of some sort but I think there might be a better way to handle that one detail. Also personally not a fan of the red car object in the bottom-left of that same
  5. https://openrct2.org/forums/topic/2616-virus-detected-in-launcher-update/ False positive. No worries.
  6. Sounds like that means it's unlikely to happen any time soon. This gives me a slightly different idea though. It wouldn't be quite as cool, but what if it automatically rendered a high quality view like this when you pause the game while zoomed out? That'd still be a pretty sweet feature.
  7. When zooming out in-game the sprites don't get scaled very nicely (same as the original game). I'm guessing this is because the whole game is currently limited to its 256-color palette, but if it's ever capable of rendering the entire full-resolution map and then scaling it with more color depth and a bilinear or bicubic algorithm the zoomed out views would look so much better. For example, here are two screenshots of the same overview of G Force's Westwinds. Top is the in-game view, bottom is a giant screenshot scaled to the same size in Photoshop. Now, there are
  8. Well never mind then :-p. I guess I hadn’t realized that since I’m on a Mac. I’ve currently got ORCT2 pointing to a Wine install for the original data.
  9. The great news about this is that it should bring a few more people to the game. Assuming the quoted comments above pan out Steam will be a way more accessible way to get the data files needed to run OpenRCT2. My biggest fear here is the potential for incompatibility between RCTC and ORCT2's save files. Since RCTC removes all corrupt elements from the map, invisible huts and other invisible items all reappear on iOS. I've also noticed that crooked house mode for invisible track seems to crash RCTC in some instances but not in others and I have not yet been able to sort out when and why.
  10. I moved the entrance in sandbox mode, but I think I did wind up removing the previous entrance with the tile inspector as I couldn't find another way to remove the old entrance. Unfortunately I am on a Mac, and I actually just deleted my Windows partition last night because I needed the space for a video project while my desktop is out of commission. I don't suppose there's any way to do this from the console in ORCT2 is there? I might just have to go ahead and reinstall Windows tonight after I can offload that footage. Thanks for the detailed walkthrough. That is indeed very much ap
  11. I think I’ve actually got the same problem with the park entrance location after moving it a while back. If I tap the park entrance icon in the toolbar the park mgmt window shows the empty tile where the entrance used to be, but if I tap on the new entrance the window shows the updated location. Would you be able to walk us through how to do this?
  12. When you're using invisible footpaths or full-tile footpaths, you have to manually inspect all footpath connections with the tile inspector whenever something goes awry. It could be really handy if there was special view to highlight path connections somehow so that we could easily see if something was amiss with our paths.
  13. Care to share how you did it? I was going to suggest trying to build the tracks above each other and then changing the base height to put them on the same level but I wasn't sure that would work. I remember a similar trick back in the day to get single-wide peepable paths layered on top of wide paths in LL though.
  14. Any problem with using the off-white scenery tile with an invisible path on top? I suppose an actual path could be a bit more convenient if it's available, but the invisible path should work as well. Just have to turn on height marks on paths in order to place lamps/bins/etc on top or to delete a piece of path without using the clear scenery tool or tile inspector.
  15. hpg

    Land leveling tool

    Would serve as a sort of landscape eraser by sampling the current height and painting a swath of flat land. edit: Whoops.. found this topic right after I posted this. In this case, I second the request. Welcome to merge these topics or delete this one. The area copy/paste scenery would also be immensely useful. Especially if it could include ride track and corrupt elements.
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