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  1. So until the pathfinding is changed we just have to deal with it?
  2. I most cases, I use paths which are somewhere between 2 and 4 tiles wide. The problem with this is that guests still only use one side of the path 99% of the time. Then they start complaining that it's too crowded. Why do they do this and how can I solve this? (or should the code be changed?) Here you can clearly see what I mean.
  3. At the last pop-up screen in the scenario, you're supposed to give your park a name and description. But I'm unable to click on the "Change" buttons (they are fully grey). After some reasearch I found out that you can choose a pre-set name and description at the start of the scenario editor. Is there a way to make a custom name and description?
  4. So after 25 years, it will be just as popular as a new ride? And does it stay that way? Or does the curve go up from that point and does it become more popular every year?
  5. I'm new to OpenRCT and I have a question about ride ageing. In the old games, rides that reach the age of 5+ years barely get any attention. So that's basicly a good amount of time in building the ride, being thrown away. Do rides in OpenRCT still age this fast or has this been improved?
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