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  1. Okay, now please bare with me i haven't done much skimming on the forums, but I am currently busy with a couple of features. But I have noticed that there is something I can't help but shake and am concerned about. Before we had the system that helped with remembering permissions if you left and came back, there were more servers up. The community seemed more alive. Yes, people were frustrated about the lack of controls and authentication for networking; permissions were forgot if you left and came back, there were impersonators with no easy way to tell who was who, and people could only be kicked and not banned. The trolling was pretty big and people were frustrated about the seemingly absent control over them. I resorted to an ip based banning /autogrouping version for my server, and i remember being able to leave the server up for many hours after populating a few mods and banning some trolls. But then janisozaur came in and implemented the hash based authentication which made its way to the official build. This was/is not as easy to bypass like ip bannings. This solved the problem with peoples permissions being forgot. it also helped with impersonations to a degree. But lately i notice that it feels the liveliness of the community is dieing. at about 6pm EST (along with various other days) i was looking at the server list. about 80% of the servers are password protected, and the only public ones are dedicated website hosts with about 2 or 3 people online. It seems that lately there is no active / personal servers. I'm concerned about this. I want to hear any and all reasons, ideas, brainstorms, anything, on why this community is slowly dwindling. What will help bring this community back to the liveliness? (I am aware that people can grow old with a game and move on, i'm not wanting to focus on that right now. i want to focus on features or problems with the multiplayer liveliness)
  2. @wolfreak_99 https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/commit/1947b1dd30a56431f5ecebe94d31993acd5020c9 you have even left a comment there. How can i tell what was added by people other than me on that link? because by the looks of it that's the code i made, it just says intel because he merged the request. (I left that comment cause i was happy that it finally got merged and thus servers were no longer able to be griefed as easily. ) Or am i misinterpreting that "wolfreak with intel" part? Edit: by finally i'm only talking about that it was a request that was meant to help save other servers from a big problem. if it was something small i am usually patient about, such as that cheat formatting i did a few years back.
  3. I never thought of the problem being in the long term, of backlash from the future. i always misinterpreted it as a problem on assuming you might not have played that many online games because to know as much as you guys do would take alot of time to learn, this was my fault on my ignorance. I do have an attitude problem. " "It seems to me your personal issues take the best of you, which is a shame because we could use your contribution, but the way you fend off people makes it not worth our while." You're right. right now, i'm trying to find a counselor and i'm actively looking because i just can no longer do this by myself and need someone to talk to and ultimately i need help. Janisozaur, you mentioned my one pull request and how you guys had to fix my problems, could you link me to where ever you guys did fix it? i know about the dude saying the travis build wasn't making versions for non-multiplayer mode (the disbelief of people using a non-multiplayer mode caused me to push it off. again, i apologize on my behalf on that part.), but i did look through commits and never seen anyone fix it. i'm curious on who actually fixed it and how they fixed it, because i couldn't find any fix myself. I'm going to try my hardest to force myself to stay away from visual studio and this game for a while and maybe even my computer and focus on getting my life together and helping myself out because i just can't keep going on line this, it's no longer just here that i'm miserable about, it's everything in my life that is bothering me. so i'm going to (or at least i'm going to try to force myself to) take a bit of time off from all of this, refresh myself, get my shit together. when i come back i will port some of the stuff i've made into pull requests. i'll likely start off with small stuff and then move into the bigger more complex stuff because i need to ease myself into this group environment. again i apologize about all of my bullshit i've brought to you guys, and i hope to work with you guys and be more of a more mentally healthier enjoyable developer / helper in the future when i come back.
  4. You can say what you want about my wolfmod, but heres one thing: I haven't brushed this off like you guys did for a long while. I seen not only myself, but a couple of other people ask about this in the dev chat. every time someone mentioned something about "when is the login system coming in" or something along those lines, some wouldn't even get a reply. Whenever I mentioned it, you guys would brush it off and ask how i'm doing on the whispering system in terms of making it a pull request for openrct, here's how it's going: I haven't even started it. I look at priorities, I don't see many people asking about needing a private messaging system, but i do see however a community frustrated by griefers, impersonators, trolls, and I see many server hosts saying they hated hosting. That they sometimes don't even want to host anymore, and lately i even see the majority of servers password locked. The break servers are down, people are frustrated. I see people mentioning "won't ip tracking work temporarily" (let me spell it out for you, t-e-m-p-o-r-a-r-i-l-y), and you guys mock me and you mock everyone else. You say it's pointless, and that any regular jackoff can bypass a ban. You say that we should wait for a login system that is (or was) supposed to be in 0.0.5. Hell, I also was threatened to be banned (ironically, by the same people that say i can easily bypass a ban) . that's when i said fuck it i'm going to make a seperate fork called WolfMod (name was temporarily because i'm shit with names).. Since then, I've been working on my own mod and it's got to the point i can actually leave it on overnight without it getting trashed like every other server, because some people are able to log in now and immediately get moderator. and while some trolls are able to bypass my ip bans it every now and then, the majority don't know enough knowledge to bypass it. Here's the thing you guys fail to realize: proxys can be banned too, and unless the troll is really bored, they will eventually grow tired of reconfiguring proxies to bypass a ban only to get banned 10 seconds into it again. i've seen it happen on myself back when i trolled transformice with glitches and using hacks on it. proxies are usually slow as fuck, especially the ones that most people find through google. it will lag the game to hell and back. I have been banned from many sites for trolling, my friends used to say i was a master of trolling and that i should write a book on how to do it, so I believe I know how to put myself in a common trolls shoes and figure out how to bypass them. If they're smart enough to know to change their ip, they're probably smart enough to get around any ban system, even the one that janisozaur is working on. though i don't even know if that system will include a banning interface. I know Janisozaur has group permissions inside it, as i've read some of the code, but i didn't see anything offhand about banning, and i don't even know if banning would be allowed in the main game. Intel mentions that grouping would be allowed but he seems to ben against any idea of banning people (which i'm just going to assume that, until i'm proved wrong, that we'll be stuck with the kick button, due to the idea that people can bypass bans with enough effort, so it's not worth having a ban system in at all apparently.). I do, however want to set this straight to janisozaur: janisozaur, i will give respect and kudos to you also working out a solution as well. You've done a great job and you've stuck through it, and you look like you do really know what you're talking about with your stuff. I would love to help you out with porting in a banning interface and solution if you would want me to help you with that, feel free to hit me up. if intel is against banning, we could throw this shit into wolfmod because if it has enough of the code to work in the main client and in a mod, i'd be more than happy to help you with making it happen. I already got the majority of a banning system and user interface worked out. I'm still polishing it up as time goes by, but that's because i only have my own thoughts on it, i don't have public feedback to go to. Likely, this post will get me banned from ever contributing to the openrct project, but i don't care, i'm not going to watch my shit get mocked without standing up for myself, especially when other people have said that i'm probably one of the best devs on this game (even though i have to clarify that i don't actually associate myself with you guys after you threatened to ban me and that you guys don't want a banning solution), and when one person said that i should be the main networking dev because i seem to care about the community more than the actual devs. while i may or may not agree with these peoples sayings, as i'm just some regular jackoff who sees a chance to throw in some shit that could benefit a server and the players on it. the thoughts should at least show something.
  5. @janisozaur apologies if i got lost in my rant, my original question was " I was wondering if there was any effective software that will aid in the much needed feature of IP blocking " and "IP blocking software?" Also, how is it beyond scope? if you guys are able to retrieve the servers IP address (at one point it was even displayed as a tip over the server name, so i know theres code in there somewhere that detects it lol), how are you not able to detect the clients IP address?it seems to be done with winsock2, which i've looked around on google and it seems possible, but i'm just not sure how to do it myself, at least without just trying an external library and risk poorly implementing it (again, i barely know anything about c or c++, i come from c#.).
  6. I was wondering if there was any effective software that will aid in the much needed feature of IP blocking. I've asked about it on github, i've spent days looking at the code trying to figure out how to even get the incoming clients IP (with my beginner-level knowledge of c and never even messing with network programming, aside from creating a python bot for irc chats), and i've had no luck. all I can see in the code is bits of it retrieving the host servers information, and it's confusing and frustrating and I'm to the point of giving up on this, and I'm frustrated as hell about it because, as i was working on the script, i was testing the code in other peoples chat room (i had the debug console visible and was testing the saving and parsing of names etc, which would crash my game alot), and eventually i managed to get a system that could save names and auto sort them into groups when they log in (with one tag being AUTOKICK, which would kick them when set to), and while i was testing the code in rooms i was explaining that i was testing a script that stored names, so people already found a bypass before i even put it to an actual test : changing their name I really enjoy multiplayer and enjoy hosting a server in which i've seen many names become very familiar, Sensual Etheopian, Improbabilities, Katie :3, Yoloswegglord, Birthdaybrian, and I could go on. Because I see these people join a lot and also stick around for a bit and build amazing stuff, I feel a moral responsibility to provide decent moderation. I've also always wanted to be a moderator of something to provide a really relaxed atmosphere, so I try to be the best I can. However the other day, I nearly went into an anxiety attack. I had someone repeatedly come in and vandalize the park, and I had to continuously kick the user, while also trying to answer a few questions of others and help show someone something else. i tried to set the default mode to spectator, but then while answering the questions and helping others out, the good users might get disconnected and come in and have to wait for me to set them back., so i'd have to work with that which is just as eventful as having to repeatedly kick an abusive user. I just can't do this anymore, it's happened many days. I hate that i can't, but with the health problems i have and the added fact of throwing up over the amount of anxiety and panic, it's not safe for me. I feel like i'm letting people down, I don't want to stop hosting servers because of this all. I need some sort of program that could help block IP addresses. I don't care how easy it is to change an ip address or whatever the reason for not having this implemented already, I'd rather have something and have a chance that someone could change their ip and bypass it, than have nothing at all. I apologize about the length of this message, this is all just very frustrating. Also, if any of the developers are reading this and have enough knowledge to at least parse out the ip addresses in the code, i'd be more than happy to help build the functionality and interface if you could just build the part of code that grabs the IP variables and stores it in the appropriate NetorkConnection or NetworkPlayer class.
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