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  1. Okay, now please bare with me i haven't done much skimming on the forums, but I am currently busy with a couple of features. But I have noticed that there is something I can't help but shake and am concerned about. Before we had the system that helped with remembering permissions if you left and came back, there were more servers up. The community seemed more alive. Yes, people were frustrated about the lack of controls and authentication for networking; permissions were forgot if you left and came back, there were impersonators with no easy way to tell who was who, and people could only
  2. @wolfreak_99 https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/commit/1947b1dd30a56431f5ecebe94d31993acd5020c9 you have even left a comment there. How can i tell what was added by people other than me on that link? because by the looks of it that's the code i made, it just says intel because he merged the request. (I left that comment cause i was happy that it finally got merged and thus servers were no longer able to be griefed as easily. ) Or am i misinterpreting that "wolfreak with intel" part? Edit: by finally i'm only talking about that it was a request that was meant to help save other se
  3. I never thought of the problem being in the long term, of backlash from the future. i always misinterpreted it as a problem on assuming you might not have played that many online games because to know as much as you guys do would take alot of time to learn, this was my fault on my ignorance. I do have an attitude problem. " "It seems to me your personal issues take the best of you, which is a shame because we could use your contribution, but the way you fend off people makes it not worth our while." You're right. right now, i'm trying to find a counselor and i'm actively looking beca
  4. You can say what you want about my wolfmod, but heres one thing: I haven't brushed this off like you guys did for a long while. I seen not only myself, but a couple of other people ask about this in the dev chat. every time someone mentioned something about "when is the login system coming in" or something along those lines, some wouldn't even get a reply. Whenever I mentioned it, you guys would brush it off and ask how i'm doing on the whispering system in terms of making it a pull request for openrct, here's how it's going: I haven't even started it. I look at priorities, I don't see many pe
  5. @janisozaur apologies if i got lost in my rant, my original question was " I was wondering if there was any effective software that will aid in the much needed feature of IP blocking " and "IP blocking software?" Also, how is it beyond scope? if you guys are able to retrieve the servers IP address (at one point it was even displayed as a tip over the server name, so i know theres code in there somewhere that detects it lol), how are you not able to detect the clients IP address?it seems to be done with winsock2, which i've looked around on google and it seems possible, but i'm just not sure
  6. I was wondering if there was any effective software that will aid in the much needed feature of IP blocking. I've asked about it on github, i've spent days looking at the code trying to figure out how to even get the incoming clients IP (with my beginner-level knowledge of c and never even messing with network programming, aside from creating a python bot for irc chats), and i've had no luck. all I can see in the code is bits of it retrieving the host servers information, and it's confusing and frustrating and I'm to the point of giving up on this, and I'm frustrated as hell about it because,
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