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  1. Never heard of someone translating any RCT park into No limits, this'll be an interesting thread....
  2. I get vibes of the really old days where I made things like this, these are definitely interesting!
  3. Wow that's pretty stellar considering the limited space! Nice work!
  4. I think it's alright, I think it's underground too much to be fair and if you had more actual mine theming I think it would be pretty neat! Question: What are the ratings?
  5. Wew! All i can say is supprot galore!
  6. Nevermind I even said that, I remember seeing a picture or two before, but I'm not sure where. I'm tired alright
  7. What even are those screenshots? Jesus man Prefabs are the lazy way out and shows you have no creativity UNLESS you intend to improve upon the ride itself tremendously, here looks like you spam a lot of scenery and such. Also forgive me if I'm wrong, but one of those screenshots reminds me of someone else.......
  8. I'm not sure how I feel exactly about all these woodies. they're all very unrealistic/could use work to look better The first one just looks really weird, and it has a lot of straight pieces in that one section, seems like there could have been more gentle slopes rather than wasted speed/potential. The second one has a pre-drop after the lift, which is something exclusive to older B&M rides. Also I agree with YSL, shouldn't a splash element be more in the water? IMO That's your best one The third one I understand is RMC with older woodie feels, but other than that roll, it isn't jerky looking like a real RMC. I felt there could have been more opportunities to transition from a traditional woodie to an RMC and have another roll perhaps.
  9. RCGames

    Group Park 4

    I know I'm not a part of this, but I'd like to still provide input, are the trees place holders? If so, then ignore this really The fir trees (Or whatever they're called these days) seem to be extremely abundant in the flat section, perhaps include more variety as well as include shrubs?
  10. RCGames

    New Park

    it seems you're filling in all empty spots with trees. I'd recommend leaving some breathing room here and there to make the coasters and the landscape shine more. However, the buildings do look good, nicely detailed and not super square, good work with those!
  11. RCGames

    My New Park

    The entrance is much more pleasing to look at, good work so far!
  12. RCGames

    My New Park

    Correct me if wrong, but I think it's the Hogwarts scenery set. And i do agree Lostlook about the foliage, it does seem a bit unrealistic, instead of using only trees try doing some type of gardens/statues or whatnot.(unless you're not going for a somewhat realistic approach then it's fine)
  13. It's been sometime since I've done anything serious in Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, but I decided to attempt a small park that uses a little bit of custom scenery (Roofs, a few walls, terrain blocks, and actual supports!) I've honestly never attempted the B&M supports for RCT2 because it looked like a huge pain to make everything look right, or at least good enough without making stuff glitchy. OpenRCT2 helps out a lot because all of the commands for Clearance checks and some other things, have made it much easier, and IMO, less buggy in the end. Some park Stats: Size: 75x75 (534,160 Sq.Ft.) Staff: 51 (32 Handymen - 9 Mechanics - 8 Security Guards - 2 Entertainers) Ride Count: 9 (3 Coasters - 5 Flat Rides - 1 Water Ride) Average Guest Count: Between 900 to 1250 Average Park Rating: 850 Firstly, the wooden coaster Mountain Lion will give you a crazy experience! Excitement:7.64 - Intensity:8.42 - Nausea: 4.98 Then, the B&M Floorless. Can you defeat The Dragon? Excitement: 8.73 - Intensity: 8.86 - Nausea: 5.74 Note: I've never attempted B&M supports before, so it does look a tad off in some areas. The game is a bit weird when placing these so the smaller loop has a support over it instead of on the sides. Roller coasters isn't the only thing we offer! We also include many other rides for the whole family! If you wish to download and visit yourself, Download here! http://www.mediafire.com/download/ee03720d97kdcmg/Project+Pleasant+Hills.sv6
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