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  1. I have come across a way to crash the devbuild_4f59c75 containing both the Goliath Sign and a Splash Boats ride. The Crash occurs when a Brand New Splash Boats ride with no sprites or cars loaded is constructed directly above the Goliath sign like in this image: After some further testing it seems that the Splash Boats ride is one of few rides that will consistently achieve a crash but it is avoidable by constructing it elsewhere first; Going into the Car's or Paint options for the ride and then placing it over the top of the Goliath sign.
  2. @Jensj12 That's fine if it doesn't win, I am still rather chuffed that I managed to somewhat optimally meet the requirements of the competition
  3. Good to hear and welcome! How are you finding it so far? What are you enjoying? Any cool stories?
  4. Hello, I'm _fog I am a regular openrct player (you'll probably see me in some MP servers; say hi!) . Love the project and features added to the game and excited to see where it goes!
  5. Hi jensj12, I attach my rather literal entry called 'Optimal'. Footprint is "20x2" Excitement: 6.01 (High) Intensity: 6.46 (High) Nausea: 2.99 (Medium) It does all that is expected and just enough hopefully [Had to save the .TD6 with a fake .png extension to convince it to let me save] Optimal.png.TD6
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