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  1. Once again we are open rct2s most popular online multiplayer server! with over 20+ contributors and 70+ attractions! Come add in your own unique rides to winter world!
  2. Be sure to check out our steamgroup for the previous builds we've all accomplished! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/DMSRCT Alright inorder to play on my server you must follow certain rules! TAG YOUR RIDE IN THE FOLLOWING FORMAT! "(" & yourusername & ")"and then your ridename! IF YOU DO NOT TAG YOUR RIDE YOU RISK LOSING IT! DO NOT USE RIDES AS SCENARY! Stick to the jungle themeing! No massive terraforming! Build realistic! DO NOT BUILD ANY FOOD/DRINK/FIRST AID/BATHROOM STALLS! Be respectful and STAY POSITIVE! [DUSTS SERVER] [MIRKWOOD] [SEE YOU THERE!]
  3. Hello Tom! You might know me as some admin on some server Welcome to the forums!
  4. Ahh darn, well thanks for replying! Appreciate it.
  5. I am trying to find like different colors of ground.. I can't seem to find any anywhere ! plz help
  6. I had this idea before you hehe it would be cool
  7. [>Updated 5/9<] Saharan Escape Save game download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_8lVbPNNju4WGFhSE9PUzBVNUE [>UPDATE 5/1<] Alright the votes are in for the best plots on Gridlock park! 1st place Tom(D1)! (my fellow admin) with twice as many votes as our second place winner! http://imgur.com/4k5CBo6 2nd. goes to Flint(A2)! (my neighbor hehe) http://imgur.com/UNSWVqo 3rd. place is a tie! SupraTheHedgeHog(G3) http://imgur.com/9qWGI0V PlayerK(A7) http://imgur.com/DnaacAQ Honorable Mentions, we have a few that needed to be call
  8. I was told to put this question out there and I believe it is certainly one of the most important features that could possibly be added to rct multiplayer and if there was anyway i could program it myself i would be so happy. If the admin had the powers to only give certain areas of land to certain plays to build on then the ease of cooperation of integrating new builders onto the map and preventing horrid griefing would make the game so amazing! Please someone do this you haveto believe me that this is the BEST thing anyone could do! servers could easily be unmonitored and easy to maintain a
  9. I was hoping for this option now out of anything else! If I can specify specific tiled areas that a player can build on would make the game so freaking amazing! The ability to have players have all their own sectioned off areas of the park that only they can play on would be great for easy cooperation and elimination of trolls etc Thank you developers for everything you do!
  10. I thought about it overnight and I now believe the registered user system will be the best mainly to prevent impersonation making it easier for admins to moderate servers without having to contact me directly outside of the system to verify identity for full admin rights. I found having admins monitor new permission granted users and combined with the server automatically backing up the system is near fool proof ontop of having registered users eliminating any trolling and making a wonderful game for all people is so close at hand! Also I think the idea of being able to only build on a set are
  11. Happy to hear about this Broxzier! I can't wait
  12. @wolfreak99 Any user with a dynamic IP address probably only has to reboot their gateway to obtain a new IP address. Create a new OpenRCT2 account is much more effort and requires a new e-mail account, activation. Plus we can always block IP addresses on repeated account creations. Dynamic ip? no one has dsl anymore shit is static. Making openrct2 accounts for online play etc... just adds in more problems that can go wrong for making the multiplayer integration more stream-lined and to the point. Honestly I'm just bitching but kids will have a easier time using proxies to make accounts/emai
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