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  1. this is my skryrocket. If you do make the custom trains, this thing would look 100% better
  2. The Skyrocket II is one of my favorite rides I have been on. Would it be possible to recreate the train style? For now I have to use 6 seater wooden trains which really kind of sucks.
  3. Well, BEFORE we were friends. Not BEFORE I joined, you just asked permission to post the mega park on the forums and I said yes. After that I considered us to be good friends. And yes, a lot of it came from your Waterflame Trio
  4. Well, I posted this a while ago, before we were friends. So 'Swegg" had already gotten into my mind and I would not have used it if I had known you. I can change it if you want.
  5. Thewarf321

    Kick Notes

    That was what I was thinking!
  6. Thewarf321

    Kick Notes

    I am tired when I get kicked from a server because I did something wrong, yet I don't know what I did wrong. I think it would be cool if the owner of the server had the option to write a note on the kick notification. Here is an example: Normal: Kicked: Get out of server! Custom: Kicked: Deleting rides!
  7. Hello. Many people believe that the one named "He needs some MILK" Is not me. However, this is me as I have 2 names just in case something happens where a troll drives me out of this game. This is real. It is me. Calm down.
  8. Thanks you very much!!
  9. Okay, this is going to make me look like a noob, but I had to ask this. How the hell do you make half paths fit in with the actual paths? Take a look at this, I don't understand why there is a gap. What am I supposed to do?
  10. Nice scenery! But I wish I could see more of the rides in the photos because I am missing the scenery needed to play in it.
  11. This is a park I made in a few days. It is a fairly small park with only 5 rollercoasters. An invert, Woodie, Junior, Standup Twister, and an Inverted Impulse. I gathered inspiration from going to great adventure. Hope you like.
  12. The Joker is a 4D at great Adventure. It's a hybrid at another Six Flags
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