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  1. To clarify as much as I can (in case it could help) : if you download the launcher and use it, you don't need to download/install manually other files, so you can delete your current downloaded version of OpenRCT2. When you'll launch the launcher, it'll look if the gamefiles are installed and up to date, if not, it will download & install automatically the latest version and let you launch it when it's done.
  2. Oh ok So it's a custom map... I never created one in RCT Is there a place where there are interesting ones/good scenarios ? Thanks, that's the other part of the info I was missing I just took a look : you can unlock all researches of the level too, "forget" about money, etc... very interesting !
  3. Ok thanks Edit : I created the suggestion here : https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/7008 Edit 2 : I created the issue in the wrong github project argh ^^" newbie mistake, sorry for that... Here is the suggestion in the correct place : https://github.com/LRFLEW/OpenRCT2Launcher/issues/40.
  4. So, we post suggestions in the exact same way as issues ? In the issue section ? (it's just to be sure to do things properly)
  5. Ok, I'm reviving this topic (and will certainly do again if I have some other "dumb" questions :))... I always played only scenarios in all the RollerCoaster Tycoon games. And OpenRCT2 makes me wonder... "how" are you playing OpenRCT2 ? I see the thread "Group Park 7" for example [which seems impressive] : : what is the map used ? A user created the map ? Is there a sandbox mode ? I saw that there is a random map generator, that sounds awesome !! Are there any tips/things to know/advices you would like to give concerning it, concerning game possibilities in OpenRCT2
  6. Yeah, when you understand how things works on github, it's finally really easy... and it's nice if it helps
  7. It would be nice to - have the possibility to disable automatic update - to see what is (what are ?) the latest(s) version(s) available and from when it is - to have a button to update manually. (simply suggesting to complete your idea)
  8. Ah ok, this is mainly an issue if you want to have compatible parks with vanilla, which isn't my case. I was only missing this tracks for replaying some scenarios of RCT1 with OpenRCT2 (because I'm building often Junior RC with steeptracks in RCT1), and since they were "implemented" in OpenRCT2, I was hoping to be able to use them in RCT2 scenarios thanks to OpenRCT2. And it'll be the case so it's great I didn't knew that for the hypercoaster ! Oh, ok ! Thanks for the explanations
  9. That means creating another account argh Ok, if it's more easier for dev's, I'll do that Thanks for the suggestion ! Edit : Issue submitted here : https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/6938
  10. Thanks both of you for answering 1) I'm mostly thinking it's safe (& I have Kaspersky which I trust), it's simply that I've not a precise idea of how this works in the facts I was wondering if someone was supervising, or if it was only few "authorized" people who could contribute, or anybody. For forking the project myself... Ahah, I don't think I have the skills for that But if I've one suggestion, I'll share it 2) Launcher sounds nice so 3) I know well OpenTTD, and that's why I was asking : I never played the original TTD, and loved OpenTTD, but was always wonder
  11. Xardoz

    Hello :)

    Okay, thanks I saw a bit the park you're doing on a moon theme... Mines are a lot more messy and chaotic, I'm not sure it's really worth it to show them But maybe one day, why not Thank you
  12. That's what I wanted to know : if it was allowing something "new" compared to the base game. But I don't understand : "they are just not used by the specific vehicle type" ? Because the "basic" vehicles (Ladybirds trains) are compatible with steep tracks in RCT1 so I'm a bit confused : you wasn't needing a specific train ? Okay I prefer to avoid unintended consequences when possible And there's no hurry at all, that's really not a big deal here
  13. When I select the option "Display text in banners in uppercase" (like in RCT1), the accented letters are left in lowercase Which leads to not really aesthetic things like : Manège -> MANèGE Fermé -> FERMé etc... Hope something can be done for that Edit : if I can help, don't hesitate to ask ! (I'm using the latest build OpenRCT2-0.1.2-develop-91589f5-windows-x64)
  14. Okay I thought it was implemented "by default" when I saw the page I linked, that's why I was a bit confused Is there a way to keep cheats always on ? (like an "usual" option ?) I followed your instruction and it's working great Is this allowing only this specific tracks for the junior RC, or are some other coasters affected ? Thank you very much for the answer & the help !
  15. Concerning steep tracks for Junior Roller Coaster : is it normal that I can't access to them, except when I activate cheats ? I saw here https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/wiki/Changes-to-original-game that it has been included ("steep inclines for the Junior Roller Coaster"), but like I said, I can't see them if I don't activate cheats ?
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