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  1. Thanks, I was searching for the sandbox cheat. This standard scenario should get a update, it happend every time. Crash --> https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/6948 think this topic can be closed
  2. Running on version: 0.1.2 build 61dfb3d while playing scenario Amity Airfield in multiplayer sometimes the spawn changed it's location a half field to the side and a half outwards every time we try to play together. Also my server crashes a few times on this maps. This changed spawn leads to people just standing there ontop of each other and unable to move... I think they may be able to go out of the map again, sometimes it looks like they despawn again. we needed to skip this scenario. This error appear randomly... I may be able to reproduce this errors, and uplaod logs and screenshots. On other maps the spawn point works fine, the whole game. Now playing: Fungus woods Edit: The latest version (0.1.2 build 61dfb3d) keeps crashing my server... for me, the last known good is: 0.1.2 build 3dd98c7 (a few later builds, too) (playing scenarios over a long time without any problem) Edit2: server crashed, while a client tries to tear off his wooden roller coaster. may be a bug in new netversion 0.1.2-26, the old 0.1.2-24 works well. (?)
  3. It would be nice to have a version selection in launcher. (maybe for the last 2 days like on the website) So game restarts (for whatever reason) will not force a update. We mostly play in a group of four on my server and the server runs some hours, one or two days. Actually we play through scenarios, but parks are getting bigger. Sometimes one of us joins later or take a pause. I want to change to development version to use pause_server_if_no_clients. The update rate is high (this is exemplary, I love it), but often game versions get different between us. BTW: Is this the launcher from openrct2.org: https://github.com/LRFLEW/OpenRCT2Launcher?
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