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Light Sprites During Night-Time/Raining


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This concept has been put forward before by DoctorWaffles on the old forums (here's his issue on GitHub: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/1739), and I really liked that idea. Now, I know that this may never be possible to the extent I have it going in my mind, but I wanted to share how it would look like if it could be done. 



This is just a rudimentary example I've made, but I feel it's an interesting concept. What do you guys think?

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Better Image, Cropped
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Another thing I had in mind was applying lighting of different radius' for rain/thunder storm and simple night. The idea being that light appears more hazy in rain than normal.

An example:


I request that we use a unique lighting sprite for the three bulb lamp as here:


Aww, man! This kind of thing could really seperate OpenRCT2 from Vanilla in visual terms!

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1 hour ago, Broxzier said:

It is not. The game pallet is changed dynamically for this effect.

Ah I see, I assumed it was just an overlay since the colour of the UI also adjusted

I also feel it would be a shame as the lights never really did anything since night time wasn't a thing in the base game... But now there is a night time? They're just as useless :P

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1 hour ago, xbalogan said:

I also feel it would be a shame as the lights never really did anything since night time wasn't a thing in the base game... But now there is a night time? They're just as useless :P

That's one of the main reasons I really want this to be implemented into the game at some point xD

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If this was added, I hope it isin't as blinding as RCT3's lighting system. (Though, that probably was just me spamming lights everywhere). As it stands, ORCT2's night effect is much better then 3's is, even without all the real-time stuff like shadows, we can still see.

Also, since it's just the game's color being changed, wouldn't a overlay bright enough to look normal past the changed colors work?

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I instantly regretted making those pictures, as I felt I over did them :P. This feature should definitely be client side and not for everyone, obviously, just like the Night Time feature. The only time this should even look remotely like I made them look should be at peak time in the night, with a Thunderstorm in full blaze. That is when the game is at it's dimmest. Also, talking about overlays, a sunset overlay (orange-ish tint) feature would be nice. That might over do the entire novelty feel of the original game, though. 

Sorry for the late replies, I didn't get any notifications at all...

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Well, IntelOrca said this could theoretically be done still, but I think the way the night time feature has been implemented is not ideal. For starters, I don't think the entire UI should practically change with night in any game. Nonetheless, imlegos' concept should be good enough, right? I'm sure the devs have something in mind, since they have been aware of this feature's demand since 4 months at least (IntelOrca mentioned it in the last podcast). 

Anyway, I didn't notice new replies and I was only here to post another screenshot. Remember that I'm only posting these for artistic demonstration, since my idea is way beyond what will be possible to implement. In this image, even the path is glowing with light, as well as the heads of peeps (hard to notice, but it is there):

An Average Food-Corner in Forest Frontier.png


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I'm just doing this to entertain myself at this point:


The main idea was not to make a park, but just a block of land showing certain things. Yes, there is an edge of a (possibly huge) park in one corner though. Then there's the highway crossing the land with street lamps on one side. After that there's the railway track crossing through, and finally the Country House with it's own Pier and a Camping Area nearby (close to a huge Coniferous forest whose tiny portion can be seen in the form of the dense trees in that one spot). This is my first "Micro" Project, so it's not as great as I wanted it to be. Suggestions for the future would still be welcome.

What's new:

  • Bonfire is giving an orange-red light.
  • Cars have headlights:

 Head Lighting.pngHead Lighting_2.png (yes, I know one has a bigger lighting radius. I was too lazy to make them consistent)

  • Restroom is lit up, and so is the Country House.

I still haven't figured out how to make consistent lighting without it being placed a bit off center for every light origin. This is why some lights might be slightly more intense than others.

I can't stress this enough: what I'm showing is purely for viewing purposes. If lighting is ever implemented into the game in any form don't take my recent posts as a suggestion of what I want from the developers. Basic lighting for Vanilla/Default lamps is all I ask and all I will ever keep my demand list limited to.

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Yesterday @JeroenDStout posted a few interesting recordings of lighting that he is working on:

Circle spotlight following the cursor


Spotlight shining down on the ground (2:1 radio) - looks more part of the game, but looks off on slopes


Spotlight shining more from the viewer's perspective (3:2 ratio) - Doesn't look as good as I had hoped, except for on slopes where it does look good


One more very bright one


I'm very exited to see where this is going!

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Yes, I saw in the dev chat! I'm really fired up about the future with these. :D

Also, @JeroenDStout and @zsilencer posted these on 27th May these images respectively (shortly after I pitched the idea on the non-dev chat):




They both managed to implement this into the game somehow (with different methods I should add), so these aren't photoshops anymore. :P

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