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  1. Would it be possible to take the launch piece sprites and eventually put them in OpenRCT2?
  2. Well, it seems that English isn't their first language, so you can't necessarily be mad at them for trying. But anyway, it seems like they're on multiplayer, and staff, ride breakdowns, and such aren't synced which is a known issue.
  3. That's because of the limits imposed by the game. It's not just you. It's for everyone who plays RCT2.
  4. Do you have vanilla RCT2 installed? If not, it's required for OpenRCT2 to run.
  5. Definitely the multi dimensional. The only time I build one of those is when I want to make a SkyLoop and switch in the lay down trains and add a chain lift to the vertical and half loop sections, since multi dimensional is the only coaster that has the necessary track pieces to make the ride possible.
  6. You have to put them in the main RCT2 directories not the OpenRCT2 ones.
  7. Holy cow! This would make the game incredible if it all works out.
  8. While I understand the frustration of that, I'm pretty sure guests puke and litter in the queues as well, so code would have to be written to make it impossible for that to happen, or else your park rating will plummet since the handyman wouldn't be able to clean it up. I'm also pretty sure there's certain circumstances where mechanics have to go into queues to get to a breakdown.
  9. I understand if it doesn't happen. I just figured it would be a cool option to have and increase the realism a lot. And in all honesty, I don't think a lot of players normally send a train through a block brake at excess of 10-15 mph since I believe that could cause the ratings to take a huge hit as well, so it's not like a lot of trains are going to just fly through the brake if the 4 mph slow down was removed, but I understand that you guys are just looking at the bigger picture and at the casual players who don't normally do realism. Maybe it could just be a cheat that is optional to each individual player.
  10. Sorry if something similar has already been discussed before. I tried to search for a relevant topic, but I didn't get anything. Anyway, so I know that the block breaks in RCT2 either stop the train completely if the next block is occupied or slows the train down to 4mph if empty. Would it be possible to take away the 4mph restriction, so instead of being slowed down considerably, the coaster just continues on without slowing down if the block is empty? In real life, this is very common at parks around the world, and it would help with better ride pacing.
  11. Do you think this could be something you'd be interested in doing at some point to some of the other coaster trains? I'm not experienced with DATs in any way, and I know you certainly know a lot when it comes to making custom trains.
  12. It hasn't been created yet. Those screenshots were edited to show the concept.
  13. Do you know if it would be possible to have a train be turned around like the 6 seater wooden coaster with this method? Like, instead of facing forward when a ride begins, you're facing backwards, like what Six Flags did to Batman, etc.
  14. X7123M3-256's Site: It features many awesome CTR's that I'm sure many people on here would enjoy.
  15. I know people have been mentioning that it looks slow in the video, but considering the distance away from the actual ride the video is shot at and that it is an Intamin, it's probably a lot more fun, fast, and enjoyable. Now, I wonder how intense the wing seats are especially in the heart shaped loop and the pull out from the first drop.
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