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Rapid Group Park no.1


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I thought up a new kind of group project, and I talked it trough with Broxzier and he really liked the idea. So I want to post it here, to see what's your idea about this. So let's begin!

This would be a very similar group project as the one that already exists in the forums; however it would be a bit different. The exact rules would be kinda the same as in the previous group park. 

  1. Cover a maximum area of 30x30 land tiles in one turn. You are allowed to shape this to your likes. An area of 15x60 for example is perfectly fine.
  2. Raise the land that you are building on. There should always be enough space to have an underground path, to allow for solving unexpected pathing issues.
  3. Anyone is allowed to make minor changes to other people's content, while keeping the overall theme the same. This include, but are not limited to:
    1. Changing the height of the ground
    2. Improve scenery and footpaths
    3. Placing footpath additions
    4. Solving issues where guests get stuck
    5. Moving rides
    6. Moving or placing new shops and stalls
  4. Do not make major changes to other people's content without their approval. This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Removing or replacing rides
    2. Removing or replacing detailed scenery (anything that has more than just empty walls and roofs)
    3. Changing the height of the land drastically
  5. Keep an eye on the news - solve any problems to keep the park rating high.
  6. Post at least one screenshot, the new saved game with increased version number, and the updated queue.
  7. Do not block any main paths directly, there should be an easy way to continue building a path for the people after you. Ideally continue any paths in the area so that people can easily extend it.

The basic thing would be in this park that there is no queue line. We have a bunch of builders, and anybody can claim the park! The first guy who claims the park get's the right to work on it. However there would be a timer, which is based on the participants. So let's say we have A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I and J park builders. D claims it, he works on the park and uploads it here. He get's a timer based on the participants number which is 10. We divide the number of participants by 2 then we decrease the result by 1 and that's the timer. In case of 10 participants it would be 10/2 =5 - 1 = 4! If we have odd number than we decrease the participant's number by 1 and then we divide it 2. So if there are 11 people, then it would be 11 - 1 = 10 / 2= 5! Easy as that! And the timer goes down by 1 everytime someone worked on the park. Builders with timers cannot claim the park. So basically no queue line and very short amount of work hour, so make it sure that you ONLY claim it when you have time for the park. If you don't upload the park in 4 hours you get the timer no matter what.

I also would like to ask you to stop building coasters in every turn of yours. We have a LOT of coasters in the Group Park 2 and in a real park there are a lot less, so there would be a rule also to reduce the number of the coasters. You say that you want to build a coaster in the odd or even turn. So basically you declare that you want to build coasters in your odd turns, so it means that you are only allowed to build coasters when it's your first, third, fifth etc turn. I would also like to ask you to build scenery. Buildings which made by you and work on the environment too. I would like to ask you all to have at least a station building and some stuff that your stuff goes around/over/under/trough it. If you only build a coaster and some trees around it, then it won't do it. So please consider this. Well this would be it. Make sure you share your thoughts about this. 


Claimed: D
Participants: C,E,G,I, J
PWT (People with timer): B (4), H (3), A (2), F (1)

Real thing:

Claimed: -
Participants: UTMAN
PWT: -

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Great system.  I would like to be a participant.

A note on Group Park 2:  250x250 is massive, especially when people are not building realistic coasters to scale.  Hyper coasters scale 200+ feet (60+ meters) and gigas are 300+  which is not possible with the current build plot of 30x30.  I could not build a proper B&M style hyper in a 10x70 plot.  If this upcoming park is 250x250, I suggest we build a resort/parking/backstage area which will help with creating ideas/projects for building and reducing the amount of coasters.  Without custom content, this game does not have enough rides to realistically fill 250x250 without increasing plot size.

Are we going for realism?

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Count me in :)

@Squab That's up to whoever decides to join. Ideally this project is more for the hardcore players who go for realism and the look, instead of just building coasters. As Utman stated in the first post, the current group park is almost only filled with coasters so far. Instead of setting it as a rule, I think this just needs to be discussed with others before you build something. Also anything that you built needs to fit within the park, and must have scenery - this can obviously be discussed and left open for someone else to finish, but tell this beforehand!

Depending on how many players are going to join, the map size can be changed. I have something small in mind, something more like the first group park, so that a lot of time can be spend on the actual architecture.

About the rule, I think for this park we should be less strict with rules, however, everything needs to be accepted by the others (with reasoning of course), and discussed beforehand. You can for example build a very large coaster if you want, but let the others know beforehand, and know what they think of it. That way the park can be shaped by even those who don't have time to claim it as often.

TL;DR version:

  • This project is for realism, not just casually building new things - open for discussion
  • Discuss what to build with the others and listen to feedback, before building anything, especially large things
  • Less restrictions
  • Smaller map than the group park (120x120 or something similar)
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I'd love to participate, but I doubt I'd be decent enough. I usually pop down a coaster, give it a station and call it a day. Ofcourse with flatrides this is a whole other thing, I might get onto something. But I think I'm going to watch from the sideline for now, I'll look if I can match up to the level.

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I would like to participate.

How much realism are we going for? As @Squab has mentioned earlier, we will need custom content to increase build quality, variety and realism. If we are doing that, may I suggest Arjan van l's NECDC Bench? It has those A-frame hyper coaster supports that I really like among other things. Fluxtrance uses it in his newest series using OpenRCT2 on his Youtube channel.

EDIT: Also how does custom content work with this pass-and-play style that we are doing?

EDIT 2: I think the timer system is a bit clumsy. Updating and maintaining the numbers might be messy. I assume this timer system is based on the "Posted X hours ago" right? And since new people can join the participant list at any time, the timer will change. Could we make the timer a constant instead? Is 6 hours a good constant?

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I don't mind custom scenery, however it does take a lot more time to crease something using it too, and since the time you have to build something is very limited I don't know if it's a good idea.

The system doesn't work like that, it doesn't have a time delay, but a number that is decreased every time someone takes his turn. Let's say you have 6 people working on a park. 6/2 + = 4, so the backlog of people who built will contain 4 people. These people cannot claim the park. When someone who hasn't claimed it takes his turn, and finishes it, they insert their name at the beginning of the list, and remove the person at the end, so that they can build again. The backlog goes from P1, P2, P3, P4, to, P5, P1, P2, P3, and P4 can claim it again.

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Your group parks look nice and have a lot of attention to them. The rules posted in first post seem fairly strict, but in the end I know all such projects tend to relax them together with progress, in this case I would expect some late work to be submitted yielding some confusion which park should the next person in queue work with.

How about you implement a system which would keep track of whose turn is it and make sure they can only submit in allowed slots?

Ping @JarnoVgr @RuneLaenen @Broxzier.

Also, while writing my thoughts down, another thing occurred to me, please see https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/2969.

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Well let's see how many people we have:

Claimed: -
Participants:  qbbq, Dan, Wobbly, Wuis, jensj12, Squab, Broxzier, ziscor, UTMAN, 
PWT: -

We are 9, so that means the maximum timer is 4. The timer inceases/decreases overtime how the participants increase/decrease. :) What kind of starting workbench should it be? All empty/flat where we have to adjust the land or a prebuilt land?

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@qbbq I have it on since I pretty much have OpenRCT2, and I still had files I couldn't load, it does work for sure and it got me to having some custom scenery, but it's not really stable like Jensj12 said. (Atleast, I think the files didn't open because of that, there might be something else preventing it)


PS. Put your autosave on! You silly. :c

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I tried some custom scenery in group park 2 when building the jetski rental near breathtaking heights, others couldn't load the park after that even though I had export objects with saved games enabled. It was a sloped waterfall piece from UCES. Some time (weeks) later I tried Erik's contribution with custom scenery, custom flat rides and custom tracked rides (AmazingEarl's waterslide) and it somehow worked. We can just try it and revert if it doesn't work.

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Is there a way to currently edit the park to get more custom things into it(rides, scenery)? Shouldn't matter if it's possible only through a third-party application.  I don't think we can, but if that can be done, I say let's start off with no CC and then as we feel that we can't work with the current list of rides and scenery, we'll use the bare essential CC rides(especially the flat ones) and scenery as well. Once nothing else can be done, if the park still doesn't feel done(which it probably will be by that point) we can add more rides. 

However I do feel Expansions shouldn't be the way to go. Expansions aren't going to be available to everyone out there, which might block out newer participants into this. CC is the best bet, which should still be used only when we have nothing else to do.

For this we will need a list of the aforementioned "bare essentials" such as among the AmazingEarl flat rides, etc. 

Yep, just checked. RCT2(and hence OpenRCT2) can only change park parameters, so Save editing must be pretty much out of the window for now. Maybe very important CC can be voted for before we commence, I guess. 

Bah! My entire post became a moo point.Why did I even type this whole thing? I guess it was the weather...

(P.S. - Sorry for those last two terrible references to Friends and GTA V. Won't happen again :P)

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On 19/02/2016 at 20:46, ziscor said:

Yep, just checked. RCT2(and hence OpenRCT2) can only change park parameters, so Save editing must be pretty much out of the window for now. Maybe very important CC can be voted for before we commence, I guess.

Enable debugging tools, and you're able to change scenery and rides at any time. There's no need to use ParkDAT or any other to change them.

I agree with xbalogan, a realistic park is also what I want to go for. What do you guys think of removing most rules for this project, and just agreeing with each other before/during someone builds something?

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5 minutes ago, Broxzier said:

Enable debugging tools, and you're able to change scenery and rides at any time. There's no need to use ParkDAT or any other to change them.

I agree with xbalogan, a realistic park is also what I want to go for. What do you guys think of removing most rules for this project, and just agreeing with each other before/during someone builds something?

I would completely be up for this concept. I feel like too many rules kinda kills a lot of creative freedom... Where as if we all just agreed on things before they were built (which I don't see why wouldn't happen in like 95% of circumstance anyways) it kinda fixes said issue.

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Something I do on other projects is change the ground texture to a new color which helps map out the space for a new coaster.  You would do this the turn before you actually build the coaster so others can see and agree/disagree on the space.  This also helps with future path planning since peep AI is severely lacking.

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