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Top 5 Worst Coasters

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  1. Tornado - Avonturenpark Hellendoorn
  2. El Condor - Walibi Holland (first Vekoma SLC ever built, watch out for headaches, haven't been on other SLC's yet)
  3. Any boomerang coaster (I hate the second backwards inversion)
  4. Robin Hood - Walibi Holland (I love wood, but new track on top of it would be very welcome)
  5. Falcon - Duinrell
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1.  Anaconda @ Kings Dominion (beats the CRAP out of you with an extremely boring layout)

2.  Hurler @ Carowinds (rough wooden coaster with very poorly functioning turns; my sides hurt every time I ride it)

3.  Drachen Fire (defunct/dismantled) @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg (I LOVED IT.... just turned your brain to mush after a few rides because it was so rough.)

4.  Great American Scream Machine (defunct/dismantled) @ SF Great America (Atrociously rough and bland layout)

5.  Batman @ SF Over Georgia (Very rough- can't ever feel my ears after riding.  The only bad B&M I have ever been on!)  

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Tornado @ Hellendoorn (I think my shoulder bar didn't lock in, so I went to inversions with me trying to keep myself stuck to the coaster)

Robin Hood @ Walibi Holland (Yes, a wooden coaster gets rough over time, but this is unacceptable)

Jungle @ Drouwenerzand Attractiepark ( Yes, it is a kiddie, but it's way too short, and way too slow)

Any Vekoma SLC @ Everywhere (They're the cold of the rollercoasters)

Bob @ Efteling ( Not that of a forceful ride anyway, but now it's quite rough too)

Honorable Mentions: Python @ Efteling, Temple of the Night Hawk @ Phantasialand, Booster Bike @ Toverland, Drako @ Walibi Holland


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How can somebody not like that insane wild mouse at blackpool ? lol



worst 5 i've ever been on, descending:

1. (El) Condor @ Walibi Holland. = NEVER AGAIN !!! :S

2. The Bandit @ Movie Park Germany

3. Big Loop @ Heide Park, Germany

4. Alpina Bahn (Travelling Coaster in Germany)

5. Dizz @ Bobbejaanland, Belgium = Just plain boring. So much wasted potential.

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1. Corkscrew (Michigan's Adventure)

2. Zach's Zoomer (Michigan's Adventure)

3. Corkscrew (Cedar Point)

4. Iron Wolf (Six Flags Great America) - now relocated

5. Blue Streak (Cedar Point) - yes, I dislike Blue Streak more than Mean Streak!

Michigan's Adventure is (unfortunately) my home park and its coaster collection is so bad that the SLC there (which is also the only one I've been on) is probably the second best coaster at that park.

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cparkes92, But there's Shivering Timbers. My #1 ride!


And Zack's Zoomer is a great little, one of a kind, woodie, kiddie ride. A nice departure from those cookie cutter steel things you find everywhere else.

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I pretty much like all roller coasters but I can name a few I'm not too fond of.

-- Boomerangs -- every park seems to have one and I've gotten bored with them, rather spend my time on other riudes.

-- Son of Beast at King's Island (now gone so maybe that doesn't count) -- Roughest ride ever. I usually like them somewhat rough but Son of Beast was a back breaker.

-- Viper at Magic Mountain -- rough with those ear banging over the shoulder restraints and the multiple loops give plenty of opportunity for the restraints to batter you.

-- Kong at Six Flags Discover Kingdom and its clones (e.g. Mind Eraser at Elitch Gardens) -- More ear abuse.

I want to praise Magic Mountain for restoring a great coaster, Revolution, by eliminating it's head banging over the shoulder restraints this past year. Maybe you can sense a pattern here.

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Ring Racer is probably one of the worst coasters out there. It was constructed next to the Nürburgring race course, with its launch parallel to the race course's straightaway. After that it would enter a turnaround element before making its way back to the station in the most boring way possible: a long, straight section of track, an s-bend, and some brakes. Its opening was delayed 4 years due to problems with the pneumatic launch system, and it had an operating lifespan of just 4 days. It is currently SBNO, and it has been announced that it will not open again as it isn't economically viable.

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On 1/22/2016 at 14:14, Dan said:

1. Wild Mouse @ Blackpool Pleasure Beach

You put that as your worst coaster? That's one my favorites. Plenty of sharp drops and airtime, and it's unusual too - not many wooden wild mice left around. Also has a unique layout, and not the standard one that all the others seem to have.


I would have to list the (now defunct) Corkscrew at Alton Towers as the worst coaster I've been on. Absolutely awful, a headache from start to end. It was the first looping coaster I ever rode, and I rode it again a few years later to see if it was as bad as I remembered, and it was worse. The SLC I rode was comfortable by comparison. I don't miss it.

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SensualEthiopianPolice mention of SFGA Green lantern reminds me of a coaster I really cannot stand which I forgot. Since I only named 4 I think I get one more. It's Green Lantern, First flight at Magic Mountain (and clones). All vertical, no horizontal movement and the spinning cars do something truly uncomfortable to my gut. Worst of all, the throughput of the ride is abysmal so you need to wait in a long queue for this awful experience.

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