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  1. I have OpenRCT2 already downloaded (an older version). Do I just download the launcher or do I have to delete my current downloaded version first?
  2. What is the hardest scenario that you have played (in RCT1 or RCT2)? For me, the hardest in RCT1 include Harmonic Hills, Butterfly Dam, Dragon's Cove, Rainbow Valley, and Micro Park. RCT2 didn't have many scenarios that were as hard as some RCT1 scenarios, but Alpine Adventures (the terrain and it rains A LOT) and Rainbow Summit (the height limit) were quite difficult. Ghost Town looked more difficult than it actually was because coaster excitement goes up when they're built over/under/around other coasters.
  3. Even to this day there are Arrow and Schwarzkopf coasters still extant at major parks
  4. Notice that many (if not all) of these coasters opened after RCT2 was released
  5. When I was first playing RCT2, RCT-World was always a good spot to find recreations of European parks (even with little to no understanding of German)
  6. 1. Millennium Force (Cedar Point) 2. Raptor (Cedar Point) 3. Incredible Hulk (Islands of Adventure) - hopefully the new Hulk is just as good (or better) as the old one 4. Revenge of the Mummy (Universal Studios Florida) - theming is the best I've seen for any coaster 5. Magnum XL-200 (Cedar Point) - even though it can hurt at times, it's still a very fun ride with all that airtime and the tunnels. Dan, here are some parks you should try to hit on your East Coast trip: Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags America, Kings Dominion, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Hersheypark,
  7. 1. Corkscrew (Michigan's Adventure) 2. Zach's Zoomer (Michigan's Adventure) 3. Corkscrew (Cedar Point) 4. Iron Wolf (Six Flags Great America) - now relocated 5. Blue Streak (Cedar Point) - yes, I dislike Blue Streak more than Mean Streak! Michigan's Adventure is (unfortunately) my home park and its coaster collection is so bad that the SLC there (which is also the only one I've been on) is probably the second best coaster at that park.
  8. From what I've seen, I think RCT World will be the Sim City 2013 of the RCT series. Planet Coaster looks promising. My prediction is that both games come out in late 2016 (in time for the Christmas rush) and PC will be more successful than RCTW. However, a delay for RCTW that long could (hopefully) lead to some major changes. Speaking of RCTW, I haven't heard or seen anything about it since the delay announcement came out in November (three months ago).
  9. I've been a fan of the RollerCoaster Tycoon series since I bought the original RCT (with no expansions) at one of those school book fairs in fifth grade (just before RCT2 came out). I got RCT2 for Christmas that year and I played it for years and years (through two computer crashes) until I moved to college and got a laptop (which wouldn't play RCT2, but would play RCT3 no problem). I found OpenRCT2 while looking for ways to run RCT2 on Windows 7 after getting laid off from my job of a year and a half (thanks decreased oil prices), so now I'm able to play RCT2, which is my favorite game in the
  10. Do you download these like normal for them to run in OpenRCT2?
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