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Largest Park?

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Isn't the max limit on rides/attractions 256? 256 includes that of shops, stalls, coasters, gentle and intense..well every ride and food shop in the game. It will be awesome to be able to have 500x500 parks, and 1,000 rides and attractions at some point! 

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8 hours ago, jensj12 said:

Both park size and rides have strict limits currently, so you can easily create a park that hits those limits.

At the moment, you are limited to 255 rides/stalls and the park size max you can go is 200x200.


Hope ORCT2 can pass that limit, one day ;)

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22 hours ago, BlazingEmpireHD said:

Park size goes up to 256x256, by the way. 👍 I was one off the ride limit, though.

Ah good to know so I am not alone lol. I hope to see 500x500 so I can create more mega roller coaster :)

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