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  1. Ah good to know so I am not alone lol. I hope to see 500x500 so I can create more mega roller coaster
  2. At the moment, you are limited to 255 rides/stalls and the park size max you can go is 200x200. Hope ORCT2 can pass that limit, one day
  3. UniverisaC

    Largest Park?

    I am curious is there any the largest park with largest number of rides, I wonder?
  4. Just for fun and I even put first aid right out the exit, guess it was popular, almost every time ride completes, everyone runs to the first aid. See what I made in the screenshot, I know I am crazy but I'm laughing here.
  5. Or maybe next version, make it workable on any account user level? by the way thanks for the tip.
  6. Hi, I forgot to make new post however I am new here and I'm hooked to this program. Keep the good work
  7. I am not running as administrator so how I get this message and get rid of it?
  8. UniverisaC

    Buffalo Park

    I had played RCT1 and RCT2 for long time until I found this and was blown away so I had little fun to use it and play with cheats, Yes I know but just hell for it. So I decided to make a fun park so I can learn and understand better about OpenRCT2. The park is called Buffalo Park and it has a lake and all rides are on it and it has boardwalk everywhere. It has over 6,000 guests with nearly $800,00 in the bank. You are more than welcome to download the park and give it a try or expand it as you wish. Buffalo Park.sc6
  9. I am pleased to find this website and loved the tweaks it has to offer. But the thing is, why I am limited to limits for sekects of rides and other such? I am hoping in the future version, it will allow me to enable all rides and attractions as well. And other question, please view this snapshot and what this caused and how I can fix it? Thanks again
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