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CCC5: Competitive Coaster Contest

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The next CCC is here! The theme is this CCC is... Competitive Coaster Contest!

The goal: Build a competitive coaster in the provided park.

Basic rules:
The coaster and all scenery must be built on the provided 40x40 park (changing object selection is allowed).
The coaster type and all scenery must be available in vanilla RCT2 (NCSO, no WW/TT).
The park and all rides/shops must be opened and running smoothly.
You may only build one coaster in the park, no other rides (only shops).
(disclaimer:) Rules are subject to change.

Contest specific rules:
The coaster must be a dueling möbius coaster, that is, the coaster must have two stations that are synchronized with each other. Variations such as more than two tracks are allowed, and so is only using block brakes instead of a second/third/fourth station. Just remember that it has to be a single coaster.
Trains should interact with each other as much as possible.
Using scenery and changing the landscape is allowed. Do not expect people to use view/transparency options, so keep your ride visible for as long as possible.
No cheats/hacks/debugging tools. If you do want to use them, make sure I can't prove you used them (for example, enabling sandbox mode and building slanted fences is allowed).

After the contest you can vote by giving reputation with the 'winner' emoji.

Download the provided scenario (or make your own 40x40 scenario) and build your coaster on it. Once you're done post the save file and at least one and up to four screenshots/video's in this topic. It's advisable to make one with scenery and terrain invisible. Remember that you'll want people to vote for your coaster, so make sure it looks good. I will post a link to all youtube-video's on the voting page. You may not submit another coaster within 3 days of your last submission. Everyone can submit up to two coasters and you may cancel submissions to submit a new/updated coaster.

The contest will be open for submissions until June 30th, 2018.

Previous CCC's:

  1. Compact Coaster Contest
  2. Christmas Coaster Contest
  3. Complex Coaster Contest
  4. Combined Coaster Challenge

If anything about the rules is unclear, just reply and we'll get it sorted out. 

Spread the word and may the best coaster win!

CCC5 template.sc6




Q: What is a möbius coaster?

A: Consider two dueling coasters. Normally, the train leaving station 1 will return to station 1. In a möbius coaster, it will return to station 2. The train leaving from station 2 will return to station 1.

Q: Can you give me an example?

A: There are some RCT1 scenarios that have dueling coasters, I think the wooden one (Double Trouble) is a möbius coaster. You can also look at other submissions here.

Q: Can I put two mirrored coasters next to each other and synchronize them?

A: No, it needs to be one coaster. Even if did mix them before the station, it would still be a bad idea, as trains will barely interact with each other. Make them hunt after each other, go through loops, etc.

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i had to look up exactly what the "möbius" meant. (ugh how could I not know that :( ) Maybe explicitly state that it is a single rollercoaster that has two stations. 

Also, is it also allowed to just have block brakes like Twisted Colossus? And lastly, is it also allowed to make more than two trains duel?

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Well same, i had to check. It's a duelling roller coaster, that doesn't goes back to it's starting station. However this could mean 2 thing. 

2 different stations, and the tracks lead into each other making a continous loop. 

Or it has only 1 station, but the ride has 2 laps, and the second one goes next to the first one.


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23 hours ago, jensj12 said:

All in-game available tools are allowed, though extensive use of hacks/cheats is strongly discouraged and may lead to disqualification.

I have serious issues with this. What does this even mean? Is merging allowed? What about using tile inspector and being able to change ride settings to make transfer tracks and trains? Zero clearance? Raising/sinking large objects for effect? If all in-game tools are allowed, exactly what is going to cause an entry to be disqualified?

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1 hour ago, Ling said:

No zero clearance? If the intent is to rule out merging, I would forbid that explicitly but ZC is probably the single most useful (and widely used) tool in creative RCT.

Prohibiting merging but allowing ZC is completely pointless, then you could just make the track segment where you would put the merge invisible and ZC track over the top instead. It looks exactly the same but it's not a merge.

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2 hours ago, X7123M3-256 said:

Prohibiting merging but allowing ZC is completely pointless, then you could just make the track segment where you would put the merge invisible and ZC track over the top instead. It looks exactly the same but it's not a merge.

Not if you wanted an element that didn't exist on the original ride. But this is also kind of my point - you get into grey areas real fast when you try to dictate what tools people can and cannot use. It might help to specify the intent of the rules which would help interpret them, i.e. NCSO so that everyone is competing with the same ride and object set, specifying map size so the entries are not too different, disallowing other rides so that the coasters are the only things to compare. But I'm not sure what the intent of the trainer tools/"cheats" rules is so it's hard for me to interpret what should and shouldn't be allowed. We ran into the exact same problem in the CCC4 thread where points were awarded for being over a threshold but the definition of the threshold wasn't clear enough, so it was hard to read the intent.

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8 hours ago, Ling said:

Not if you wanted an element that didn't exist on the original ride.

If the element doesn't exist on the original ride it just appears invisible,  which is fine if you were going to hide it anyway - although you'd need another cheat for that. To be honest, allowing some cheats but not others seems a bit arbitrary to me.

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The coaster itself should be clean of any hacks/cheats. I allowed scenery and terrain modifications to allow tiding up the landscape. The contest should still be about the coaster, not the scenery that comes with it. The goal should be to make trains interact with each other and I do not want to discourage people that don't know much about how to use scenery/cheats.

Then why the two cheats that are related to the coaster? When building a möbius coaster without block sections, the game only allows half the number of trains of what seems logical. The other options that this cheat gives are not too intrusive. That more or less also applies to the ride mode operation cheat. There's nothing in it that gives a huge advantage to the one that knows how to use it. Since there's no huge advantage anyways, I'll just remove the explicitly allowed list it to keep the rules as small as possible. Use block sections if you need more trains.

Sandbox mode is explicitly allowed as an example of what counts as 'would have been possible anyways', and is now marked as such.

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Does that mean we can use zero clearance to make, for instance, a station for the coaster? Can we enable "Draw all track pieces" (i.e. enabling large inversions on a vertical drop coaster without merging) ?

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Four angles + stats, and download. Really not happy with a lot of the structures. Not being able to rely on ZC proved to be a pretty huge handicap, there's a lot of stuff that feels unfinished. 

The coaster is Osiris vs. Set, the two Egyptian brothers. Osiris is the god of farming and civilization, Set is the god of desert, storms, and evil. Osiris's color is blue, Set's is red.

The tracks are fairly short so they don't interact much, but they do at least line up on the vertical drop, the loops in the plaza, and the peaks over the desert.

CCC5 2018-05-03 19-35-25.png

CCC5 2018-05-03 19-35-30.png

CCC5 2018-05-03 19-35-34.png

CCC5 2018-05-03 19-35-38.png

CCC5 2018-05-03 19-34-16.png


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This is actually the first time I have ever built a successful Mobius coaster, and I'm pretty proud of it. Four angles, plus one with scenery + ground + paths removed. I've also got the stats here, and I think this is actually my first coaster ever with >9 excitement. It syncs pretty well I think, and I like how the trains barely have enough momentum to make it onto the chain lifts at the end. Overall, I'm really pleased with how this worked, even though this was my third attempt. I'm not that good at scenery, especially compared to some of the amazing things I've seen on here, but this contest is mainly about the coaster so I'm not too worried about that. Anyway, hope you like it!


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Let the voting begin! You can vote by reacting with the 'winner'-emoji (the one you see next to awards in-game). The rules for voting are the same as for giving reputation on this forum. That is, you can vote for as many coasters as you want (but please don't vote for all of them, you can give rep with other emojis as well, that won't count as a vote), and you can't vote for your own work. You can only vote for each coaster once. Voting closes in exactly 17 days from now.

Submitting coasters is still allowed, but late submissions may get less votes. If I decide to make a small compilation of all submissions, you may be excluded.

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Want to see all parks in action with only one download?

  1. Download CCC5 ALL PARKS.parkseq
  2. Place it in ".../documents/OpenRCT2/title sequences/" (create if it doesn't exist, or create a new title sequence in-game first)
  3. Open the game
  4. Open options (top right corner)
  5. Go to the sixth tab (with the spiral slide icon)
  6. Change title sequence to CCC5 ALL PARKS
  7. Close options
  8. Watch all three parks on the main menu
  9. Vote for your favorite coaster!
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Just stumbled upon you guys today. I wasn't much of a patient ride builder/landscaper growing up playing this game but this looked like a fun challenge. I don't think I've ever built a dueling möbius coaster before. Getting them to synchronize was tedious, and I felt like I cheated when i put brakes in to slow down one of the tracks by 2mph. It did end up pretty cool seeing the lead changes throughout the ride and I've never made a coaster with that high of an excitement rating. I look forward to seeing more challenges.

Nova Escape 1.png

Nova Escape 2.png

Nova Escape 3.png

Nova Escape 4.png


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After almost 3 months of dazzling dueling coasters, voting is finally over. I was afraid that we wouldn't have a clear winner (all tied at 1 vote a few days ago), but we have, and it's @Klabbertrap! Congratulations!

Following tradition, the next CCC is yours to host. Contact me (personal message on this forum) within a month and we'll get it set up.

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